WECANDANCE is a daytime beach festival, which not only offers a wide range of great music, but wishes to put a smile on everyone’s face by spreading the message of Love, Peace & Happiness with an Egyptian inspired setting, quality food and a fashion forward crowd.

WECANDANCE got awarded at the Red Bull Elektropedia awards as "Best Breakthrough Festival 2013" and the "Marc Meulemans Award" for best design. Much like last year, the emphasis lies on the total experience in the form of a great decor, costumed staff, animations and exclusive brand activations. The idea is to create an atmosphere that breaths "Egyptian Love", “Navojo Chic", "North Sea Coachella", "Burning Man On The Beach" ... We would like to encourage the visitors to dress up as the free spirit they are with an Egyptian inspired twist… Think Gold, Ancient Symbolism, Pharoah’s & Cleopatra…

In accordance with the festival’s ambiance, WECANDANCE attaches great importance to minimizing it’s ecological foorprint and strives to keep the beach clean.

WECANDANCE offers an national & international carefully selected line-up divided over 4 stages per day each representing another musical genre such as House, Techno, Deep House and Urban. On Saturday we will hook up with Libertine Supersport, Magic, Nächtvøgels x Lucid and Club 69 invites Survivor x Dead Forest. On Sunday we welcome Labyrinth Productions x H2O Club, Kitsch Club x Bloody Louis, Alpha x Deepinhouse and Club 69 invites #A Polaroid Story x A Cut Above.

WECANDANCE also stands for an exquisite cuisine, not your average festival meal, but a selection of renown restaurants will team up to serve you a wide range of healthy & delicious food and beverages…

WECANTSLEEP on Saturday night… When the festival is over… The party continues at the Belgium Pier of Blankenberge were we are delighted to welcome you at one of the most exclusive venues at the Belgian seaside where we will submerge into the heart of the North Sea… A night to remember hosted by Labyrinth Productions & Club 69.

Wecandance wave line


Sunday, August 10, 2014


Sunday, August 10, 2014


As a kid A.N.D.Y. a.k.a. Andy Faisca didn’t have to think what he would like to be when he grew up... Music was and is the answer! From a very early age this multi-instrumentalist was writing and making his own music. With a background of 70’s and 80’s disco, pop, hip hop and rock music Andy is a fanatic of all things past, turning them into music for the future. His love for the past is reflected in an almost religious use of old analogue gear, but also a general love for vintage stuff. At age 17 Andy discovered electronic music and started DJ’ing. He soon landed a residency at Brussels’ infamous Libertine Supersport club and his quest for a vintage personal sound hasn’t stopped since.
His first project called Mustang was born in 2009 with a debut E.P. on Gomma Recordings called ‘Chameleon Circus’. Prestigious remix assignments soon followed for Vitalic, Poni Hoax, Monarchy and many others. Recently he released the killer single ‘Shooting Love’ on Different Recordings, which has been remixed by Canadian house sensation Jeremy Glenn and by Black Strobe. Beginning of this year, he decided to start his proper solo project under his own name A.N.D.Y. . He started with some remixes for Jupiter, Supermen Lovers and Mike Mago, and released his first proper EP. Featuring R&B singer Nyemiah Supreme that got currently licensed to Sony Music International. He just finished his follow EP featuring Dominique Young Unique, famous of working with Diplo and DJ Fresh. Expect more and exciting music, news for the rest of 2013.

Sunday, August 10, 2014


A DJ since 93. A Producer since 98. A true student of the music/culture. Amir founded Vanguard Sound in Chicago during February 2006 to chart his own musical evolution and expression. His is a drive to raise the bar after every set, determined to fully express himself and to connect directly with the floor.

After making his presence felt in the Chicago club scene via a meteoric rise culminating in a DJ watch feature in Chicago’s 5 magazine, he completely disappeared and went beneath the underground to focus solely on advancing his production skills. Soon after linking up with G. Marcell and Hakim Murphy he began to release gritty tracks that began to be charted and played by underground DJ’s worldwide. His fourth release was the sleeper classic “Experience EP” a 4 tracker with Amir on side a, and G. Marcell on side b.

Encouraged by the feedback, Amir then submitted tracks to New York city’s Plan B Recordings. The rest is history as they say.

Bridging the Atlantic between 2012 – 2013, Amir has been steadily gaining attention for his numerous and well received EP’s on record labels from Chicago, New York, London, and Frankfurt with releases such The Gutter Flex EP on Steve Mizek’s Argot, Outsider Music on Sascha Dive’s Deep Vibes Recordings, the Everybody’s Beautiful EP on HYPE LTD, Don’t Go on secretsundaze and back home with the likes of Finalé Sessions.

His own label Vanguard Sound is home to the producers that he has drawn close to him, sharing a common bond with the likes of Chris Mitchell, with whom he plays a jam orientated live when the pair’s schedules can meet. Away from his own EPs, producers to receive the Amir Alexander remix treatment include De Sleuv Vos and Beesmunt Soundsystem.

With productions reaching the ears and turntables of many dancers and DJs across the world, the ever self starting Amir soon put his first tour together in September 2012. After blowing away a series of top clubs, his first few tours of Europe included Panorama Bar – Berlin, Rex, Concrete – Paris, Arma 17 – Moscow and secretsundaze – London. 2013 saw debuts in New York as well as a tour of Australia.

In both the studio and behind the decks this cat strives to bring a raw and gritty modern spin on classic Detroit, Chicago, and New York underground sounds.


Sunday, August 10, 2014


Sunday, August 10, 2014


Sunday, August 10, 2014


There's not that much to say , from Brussels, performing for a year and half now, i opened for Kaytranada, falcons at Moonlight with my brother ShunGu, used to work together quiet often … I'm a resident at Madcity,will do a live set video streamed at Chase in antwerp this saturday and will open for Flatbush zombie the 1st of august.

Saturday, August 9, 2014


Christoph Nagel has been interested in electronic sounds ever since he can remember hearing music. At the age of 16, his brother brought him to the infamous Dirty Dancing parties in the Mirano in Brussels. Love at first sight. He wanted to be responsible for all this magic, this screaming, this crying…And since he didn't have enough money to buy himself a nightclub, he decided he wanted to be a DJ. From that day on, Christoph has been playing as a resident for Brussels best parties, Libertine Supersport, where he started working as Artistic Director. On the side, he also launched a social-oriented sneaker brand called Jojo-Project and today he works as Senior Community Manager for Yelp Brussels, an international website and mobile application that connects locals with great local businesses. CHRISTOPH

Sunday, August 10, 2014


In a now long forgotten world, many generations ago, a bird like shape emerged from wooded darkness, floating and fluttering, drifting and dreaming. Backlit by a bright glow of iridescent light, the undecipherable form wore a dazzling golden mask. Its long beak swooped down like an inverted horn and since then, people have referred to the mythical being simply as Claptone.

Years spending wandering medieval landscapes have informed Claptone’s view of the world, experiencing both magical mystery and muted melancholy he enchanted onlookers with occult instruments and beguiling sounds. Forever surrounded by a sense of intrigue, the world soon cottoned on to the elusive yet enchanting musical powers of this otherworldly beast. The results are that today his shamanistic sonic powers take him all around the world.

By now we all know that 2012AD proved to be a year dominated by Claptone’s infectious ‘Cream’ track. It became an immediate hit, topping new world charts at Beatport and RA. In 2013 his shamanistic sonic powers really took him everywhere - the mystical figure played 200 shows in 130 cities on 6 different continents. Hot productions to bleed from this shadowy one’s lair include ‘No Eyes’ and ‘Wrong’ which both topped Beatport charts, got played by everyone, were ubiquitous across Ibiza all summer and also picked up plenty of Radio 1 plays from Pete Tong and Annie Mac. But that’s not all, because remixes of the Pet Shop Boys, The Magician and George Morel’s classic house tune ‘Let’s Groove’ also managed to capture audiences under their spell.

As for 2014AD, already it has been a whirlwind ride for this avian form as he released 'Ghost feat. Clap Your Hands Say Yeah' and ‘United’, which made #1 in the Beatport Deep House Release Charts. Remixes of the late great Romanthony as well as Klaxons have also got the world hot under their collar and as such 70, 000 fans on Facebook are now clamouring after Claptone’s every move and soon they are to be treated to the wondrous thing that will be his debut album. Featuring lots of fantastic collaborations with renowned singers, it is sure to be a fine artistic statement that sums up exactly what this strange figure is all about.

Deep and woozy, the Claptone sound pairs theatre with tragedy, feel good vibes with acute melancholia and imbues each groove with a Rhodes laced funk, an organic string hook and myriad earthy elements. Up to the present day, Claptone releases have been birthed on Germany’s influential Exploited label but who or whatever Claptone is, it is alive, with a life of its own, evolving and revolving in equal measure, exploring new sounds naturally and forever taking inspiration from long gone and occult worlds.

Sunday, August 10, 2014


Saturday, August 9, 2014


DJ Harvey (not to be confused with PJ) is no stranger to rhythm. He started off an a drummer in punk bands with names like 'Ersatz' and ‘Your Dinner’ - John Peel even played his stuff on the radio when Harvey was just thirteen. By the mid-eighties, Harvey had bought a pair of decks and began cutting up breaks as part of the Tonka Sound System, a collective of alternative DJs, musicians and sound people, throwing warehouse parties and jams such as at the Zap in Brighton, England.

Harvey's sound can be described as a mix of classics with fresh house, an approach which led him to star at nights such as ‘New Hard Left’ and ‘Moist’ at Ministry Of Sound in the nineties. He has made his name through DJing, scratching and especially re-editing, often together with Gerry Rooney on the now legendary Black Cock label. “I was aware of the whole edit thing that came out of the US and Paradise Garage scene and there were tracks I would play two copies of or record them to the reel to mess around with as I was Djing and re-editing for me was just an extension of that,” says Harvey. “When you have a residency you are playing records week after week breaking new stuff and it’s a way to keep things fresh and exciting and put your personality on the music.”

Harvey has issued a number of pioneering leftfield disco mixes now considered to be classics, including DJ ‘Late Night Sessions’ on MOS [1998] and ‘Sarcastic Study Masters’ [Sarcastic], both of which now fetch big dollars on eBay, adding to Harvey’s cult-like status amongst disco and reedit connoisseurs.

In 2005 Harvey teamed up with Thom Bullock from Rub N Tug as Map Of Africa releasing on Whatever We Want Records.

These days DJ Harvey runs a gallery space/club Thirtyninehotel in Oahu, Hawaii.

Sunday, August 10, 2014


Sunday, August 10, 2014


Saturday, August 9, 2014


EROTIC CITY SOUNDSYSTEM when you put two sex symbols of the nightlife together in one DJ booth,
you better keep your daughters inside ! VILLA & MONSIEUR MOUSTACHE team up to serve you
a dark, deep porn groove... The best from the past, present and future. Disco Breaks and Dark Erotic beats.
Check out the Erotic City mixtapes made for the W-Hotel chain worldwide. Don't miss their first festival gig at WECANDANCE.

Saturday, August 9, 2014


In a world obsessed with labeling an ever-evolving genre, Felix da Housecat is dedicated to making the people dance. He is one of those rare, charisma-oozing characters, whose musical and mental eccentricity come from a genuine place. He’s never afraid to take a risk to reach new ground. It’s this blend of qualities that has kept him in such high reverence in the electronic field for two decades now, and which has ensured that his music has been a consistently captivating force. An ever-moving target, his various incarnations have seen him morph from resolute acid and techno warrior to avant-garde nu-skool electro-disco pioneer to the man who gave one of the world’s most famous rappers a new lease of house-infused life long before major labels were putting every urban artist on their books over anemic 4/4 beats.

“My dad played sax and he got me onto clarinet” he recalls of his beginnings in making music, “so it was more of a discipline thing. It was never like, I was this passionate kid who wanted to be a... superstar. Or a superstar DJ, or a rock ‘n’ roll star. I was quite shy in school.” First seduced by electronic music when house music first emerged in his native Chicago in 1984, the young Felix soon found himself getting caught up in a musical paradigm shift that fostered a lifelong obsession and helped to bring him into his shell. “It was like a culture movement. So everything I heard on the radio - from Farley ‘Jackmaster’ Funk to Mike ‘Hitman’ Wilson - that was the sound I was exposed to. Coming from a family of music, I was able to replay and recreate that stuff.” But it was too late for classical training to keep a hold on this burgeoning young talent and dance music aficionado. Da Housecat took over.

Felix began re-releasing music back in 1993. He landed, as a cat does, on his feet with some of his earliest productions picked up by seminal progressive and techno imprints Guerilla and Bush. “When the people started getting into my sound, that’s when I started taking it serious” he explains. He grew to become one of techno’s most sought-after names, with a sound influenced heavily by collaborator, mentor and acid house inventor DJ Pierre’s ‘wild-pitch’ style and drawing as much on the raucous bite of acid as it did on the intensity of techno. He was catapulted from the overground into the wider dance music consciousness at the start of the millennium when he reinvented himself as a purveyor of future retro, high-camp grooves with his ‘80s-inspired album Kittenz (And Thee Glitz). Club and crossover hit Silver Screen Shower Scene particularly, with its kitsch Miss Kittin vocals and raucous sound, remains a stone-cold classic to this day.

He survived unwittingly spearheading an entire new genre with that album - “I just hate the word electroclash and don't want to be affiliated with it”, he says today - but continued unfazed throughout the noughties to bring the world more of the magical music that lives inside his head. Albums Virgo Blaktro & The Movie Disco and He Was King received critical acclaim before he made history and released his next LP, Son Of Analog, as a free Mixmag covermount CD. Collaborating with the man then known as P. Diddy in the interim (2006) on the groundbreaking Jack U was just another move that was way ahead of its time.

But despite all this success, an increasingly wild lifestyle (including a fierce mezcal habit) combined with the pressures of unrequited hyperbole forced Felix to hit the reset button a few years back. “I became sober and got in touch with my spirit, I saw everything clear. Some promoters book me because they think they are getting the Mezcalateer. Some are afraid of the Mezcalateer. Some find I'm sober and will try to test me by offering me shots but I fight them off. I am Thee Former Mezcalateer. Retired. I found myself literally dancing with the devil. No joke. The four years off was due to personal life, spirit, booze, you name it. I had to find my way back. I survived and I went through my 9 lives over 10 times."

The devil’s loss is the world’s gain: Felix is back in a big way, brimming with hunger and passion for music once again, and some incredibly hot new material. Returning with a slew of new material in 2013 via his label No Shame/Rude Photo, his rampant electro/disco concoctions will pave the way for a hotly anticipated new album later in the year. On top of all this fresh new music, a huge remix for Katy B is on the way, plus a global tour, a live BBC Radio 1 Essential Mix and his own signature headphones. This is the year that Felix Da Housecat reclaims his position amongst the upper echelons of dance music.

Saturday, August 9, 2014


As an Antwerp based duo, Residents in Café d’anvers and part of the organization of Lucid
Festival and Kazzino. Thomas Dockx and Nicolas Kerstens are two best friends who’ve
shared a passion for music since their childhood. About 7 years ago, they discovered the
Antwerp club scene and decided they wanted to be a part of it. Thus they joined hands and
started playing music as a duo. Matts brouns is a relative newcomer to the belgian techno
scene. When first discovering electronic music he started producing by experimenting with
software. After a while he felt the urge to play music as well. His style of music can be best
described as deep techno music with a good sense of musicality and an ingorance to
cliches which we hear far too often these days. They will showcase the sound of lucid
festival, warming things up in the afternoon!

Sunday, August 10, 2014


Gerd Janson is running the German label Running Back together with Thorsten Scheu (aka Glance). As many kids who have grown up in the early 90s in the South West of Germany, Gerd Janson was a regular guest at Mannheim’s legendary Milk Club. Although this venue was most popular for putting jungle on the map in Germany, Gerd always used to wait eagerly for the early morning hours when the pace slowed down and US styled house was the ruling sound. In the following years, his deep love for house and disco music was fed in Frankfurt’s Wild Pitch Club by Heiko MSO and Ata. In 1998, Gerd Janson finally had his first DJ residency at Darmstadt’s Café Kesselhaus.

Gerd Janson has been serving the hottest house and disco cuts at Frankfurt’s Robert Johnson where he has been hosting the Liquid club nights together with DJ heavyweight Thomas Hammann for the past few years. Without a doubt, Gerd Janson is one of the hottest talents on the German DJ circuit. The word has spread, and so he’s travelling a lot as a DJ now. And when not spinning records he’s known as a prolific music journalist writing for Groove magazine or Spex …, or he’s busy working at the Pentagon Recordstore in his hometown Darmstadt and as part of the staff for the Red Bull Music Academy. Recently, he even started doing shitty remixes for acts like Antena or DJ Designer Imposter and released a compilation of weirdo 80ies jams together with Jazzanova on Sonar Kollektiv. Don’t you like that?

Red Bull Music Academy Radio Bio:
One of our most treasured Academy team members, Gerd Janson is the quintessential DJ’s DJ, unearthing the gems that get other music lovers hot and excited. The man has his plate full. Whether at the helm of the long-running Liquid club night at Frankfurt’s Robert Johnson with DJ comrade Thomas Hammann, dishing out simmering analog House as co-owner of label Running Back, or penning many a story for Germany’s Spex and Groove magazines, not to mention his scholarship of American studies, he seems to run on more powerful batteries than the rest of us. Enjoy this adventure through magic dance music new & old, with special guest appearance by Kool DJ Pink Alert. It’s risky, but it’ll make you frisky.

Saturday, August 9, 2014


Saturday, August 9, 2014


Shed is a man of action, a living example how to reinvent oneself again and again within
the boundaries of electronic music. At the same time, Shed does not follow shallow trends.
The Berlin-based producer firmly believes in the power of techno music. When techno was
invented, Shed was not present. He was simply too young and also too far away from
where techno was happening. The sample-based sound of UK-hardcore, a quick liaison
with Gabba and the back catalogue of Djax Up introduced techno to him in it's purest form
possible. Then he finally discovered Chicago and Detroit. With releases on Ostgut Ton,
Delsin and his own Soloaction imprint he realised that the more he produced, the clearer
his musical vision became. Shed melts and merges rough and demanding dance floor
skeletons with shockingly detailed melodies, harmonic structures, irresistible hooks and
airy arrangements. A never-ending climax of the groove. This time he will play under his
Head High alias, which stands for early-'90s techno with a powerful bass drum. That's why
the name of the label is Power House. Asked about the idea behind ‘Head High’? ‘I don't

Sunday, August 10, 2014


Paul was born in Uccle in 1992 and grew up in Namur where his mother transmitted him the love for music. Starting listening house music at the age of 12 he had his first contact with truntables when he was 18 and a few months later his binomial Gaël started to show him the wrong reality of production.
Gaël was born in Liège in 1988 and grew up between Namur and Bruxelles. At 16, He started to touch the turntables in a hip hop way but stops at 18 because of his study. During these one he founded a first group called Bounce da Badgers in april 2010 rather directed Electro-Tech style. The group split up in 2012 and that was the sign of the birth of the new duo : Heartlybeats.

Saturday, August 9, 2014


Saturday, August 9, 2014

KINK live

Strahil Velchev a.k.a KiNK is not Josh Wink`s brother, he isn`t Aphex Twin`s room mate and definetly not Larry Heard`s son. He is simply an innovative, uncompromising producer and captivating DJ / live performer from Bulgaria, who incorporates the best examples of the underground dance music in his production.

At the age of 12 – jumping up & down to acid, techno and early rave tracks; at 20 – his touch with the fist modular software synthesizer and couple of years later – his first vinyl release. These are a few things that shape Strahil as an accomplished electronic artist with his own signature sound. “Take the soul and the groove of house and techno, the futurism and detail of experimental electronica and the raw energy of acid” – this is how Strahil defines his style.

Sunday, August 10, 2014


Well known for his productions Rune Reilly Kolsch has sold millions of records all over the world under his many different monikers and production work includes some of the biggest artist in the world. But something has always been missing.

Being a true techno head, paying homage to his underground roots is very important to him. So he started the slightly mysterious Tattoorecs with his brother Johannes Torpe, and together they are enjoying great success with their blend of romantic techno with strong influences from the heydays of Detroit and Chicago.

With the label’s unique release concept of no titles, only tattoos, the label quickly gathered support from the biggest minimal DJs across the globe; Sven Väth, Richie Hawtin, Magda, Tiefschwarz and Ricardo Villalobos all support thes..

Saturday, August 9, 2014


Sunday, August 10, 2014


As one the most important tastemakers Europe has to offer, and affiliated with labels Brownswood, Blue Note, !K7 Records, Stones Throw and Jazzy Sport, this bearded early riser is consistently a couple steps ahead of your average early adopter. He doesn't wait for the next thing to land on his lap, actively seeking it out - just take a peek at his playlists on Belgium's foremost national radio station Studio Brussel which received compliments from Rough Trade Shops and Gilles Peterson.

However, don't assume that he's only working futuristic angles - no sir. Firmly rooted in jazz and hip hop, he sharpened his digging sensibility working at the now legendary Music Mania record store in hometown Brussels. His passion for jazz resulted in a remix album for Blue Note which was well received..

As one the most important tastemakers Europe has to offer, and affiliated with labels Brownswood, Blue Note, !K7 Records, Stones Throw and Jazzy Sport, this bearded early riser is consistently a couple steps ahead of your average early adopter. He doesn't wait for the next thing to land on his lap, actively seeking it out - just take a peek at his playlists on Belgium's foremost national radio station Studio Brussel which received compliments from Rough Trade Shops and Gilles Peterson.

However, don't assume that he's only working futuristic angles - no sir. Firmly rooted in jazz and hip hop, he sharpened his digging sensibility working at the now legendary Music Mania record store in hometown Brussels. His passion for jazz resulted in a remix album for Blue Note which was well received by the community. Lefto is forever moving forward but always has an ear in the past. Famed for his gloriously eclectic DJ sets, he switches effortlessly between hip hop, funk, breaks, neck-snapping beats, future bass, South-American influences, bruk riddims and some wild African rhythms. He's not only a deejay and producer but also curates his own stage at the Dour Festival and his own nights in Gent in collaboration with Democrazy.

World renowned, LeFtO regularly blesses sound systems from Tokyo to Seoul and Singapore to New York, San Francisco and Los Angeles. He has been a resident deejay for Gilles Peterson's Worldwide Festivals since 2008 around the world. Camera under the arm, he is also one of the few deejays on this planet who can deejay somewhere and have a nice movie on the internet a couple hours later, with over 250 videos on YouTube and Vimeo, it's very impressive. The travels resulted in the Worldwide Family Vol. 1 compilation on Gilles Peterson's Brownswood Recordings with partner in crime DJ Simbad in 2011. In 2012, he has put out two compilations, one for American brand 101Apparel and the other one for Universal Music.

Sunday, August 10, 2014


Moved to East Coast in 1983 at 8 years old. Introduced to DJing in the late 80s as a teenager, been DJing ever since.

I own Novel Sound, I also manage the Deconstruct imprint with my good buddy Anthony Parasole.

Saturday, August 9, 2014


Lorenzo Ottati, Italian origin of Belgian culture, discovered electronic music on first venturing into clubs and through his underground Brussels radio broadcasts (Radio Panik and Fm Brussels). A residency at Ondulation, for which he promoted at the same time, aswell as Movida, confirmed Lorenzo’s talents.

With regular appearances in the city, events and radio shows, his collaborations with dj’s both national and international gave him a wider recognition.

He became resident DJ for Pablo Discobar, Who’s Who’s Land and the mythique Food Club, making him a well known Belgian talent in his mixing of pure electro and funk, diffused with a soul spirit. Playing in Belgian clubs such as Café d’Anvers, La Rocca, Fuse, Culture Club, Mirano Continental, Belmondo, 10days off… he has also taken part in the organisation of Jazzbreak 2006, and Summertempo 2007.

Resident of the Bruxelles club scene for a number of years, he plays mostly close to home at Belgian events (Anarchic, Dirty Dancing, Hot-Couture,…) but has been known to gone dipping in international gigs that have attracted him to London, Paris, Amsterdam, Rimini, Ibiza.

Saturday, August 9, 2014


Like most people that move around a lot as a child, Martelo sees the world with wide eyes and takes influence from all aspects of life. Growing up on Bill Withers, Stevie Wonder, Michael Jackson and Paul Simon, his teenage years saw him delve into everything from punk and grunge to drum 'n' bass, garage and hip hop; an eclectic array of music that has no doubt had an influence on his music taste and DJ/production style.

"I guess I play world music, but not the snobby stuff. Hood music from the global underground.. from the favelas to the projects to the tower blocks"

Martelo was grafting on the Sony/BMG street team and DJing on promo tours for Justin Timberlake, 50 cent, DMX and Destiny's Child as well as holding down a weekly residency at Ministry of Sound and two shows on pirate stations Freeze and Bassline all by the age of 20.

In the years since then he has become known as part of the yOyO family who consistently blow the roof off any party they throw, with Martelo being an ever-present on these memorable occasions. He has been the International Tour DJ for Santigold since 2007, as recommended by Diplo, and has played festivals all over the planet from Coachella (LA) to Summersonic (Japan) to Field Day (Aus) right back to Glastonbury (England).

Last year alone he was asked to open up for Jay-Z twice and was said to be a major highlight at 2009's Exit fetsival in Serbia. He is also part of "The End Of The World" with Toddla T and Oneman, they toured europe in 2009 and look set to repeat that in 2011.

Saturday, August 9, 2014


The residents of Nächtvøgels are known for their deep & house oriented style. Where
Dynky Toys blend more minimal & deep house, Maté goes for more Detroit & Chigaco
house but all with the same mutual love for meany basslines. Since the start they stand for
the warm & deep house vibe that you can hear at the start or end of a Nächtvøgels party.
In the meanwhile Maté plays regular at the Lucid parties, Decadance or Club 69. These
guys are ready with the Lucid residents to warm you up before Move D takes place behind
the decks!

Saturday, August 9, 2014


Matias Aguayo, born 1973 in Santiago de Chile and for many years now simply a citizen of the whole world, is one of the few artist that can nowadays claim true originality in the music they make, offering a unique vision that since its first inception has been challenging the common expectations on electronic music performers and composers.Passionate about an impressive variety of music genres and rhythms, schooled in Transllusion as much as in The Jackson 5 or The B-52’s, Aguayo is well positioned from an early age to make unusual connections in music. He moves his first music steps in Cologne, Germany, where all along the 90ies the Kompakt people, Wolfgang Voigt, Michael Mayer and Jurgen Paape to name a few, were reimagining and shaping the future of German techno. Aguayo takes a plunge into that rising and exciting music scene and takes active part by organizing events, djing at the legendary Liquid Sky parties and making his first attempt at producing music, together with Mayer, in the group Zimt. But it’s not until the beginning of 2000, when he teams up with Dirk Leyers as part of the project Closer Musik, that Aguayo reaches proper fame. In a time where techno was dominated by clicks’n’cuts aesthetics, After Love, the album they released for Kompakt in 2002, was a truly epoch- making album, nothing sounded like it and soon Closer Musik became the inescapable reference for the growing pop minimal scene to come.Ten years have passed since but tracks like One Two Three (No Gravity), You Don’t Know Me or “Maria” are still holding up, which is a rare thing in techno. Aguayo could have understandably rested on these laurels, instead he chooses the path of reinvention and resisting to be trapped by some certain ‘profile’ he distances himself from the Eurocentric techno scene and restlessly makes his way from Europe to South America looking and longing for new inspiration and unfamiliar contexts that could move him and his music forward. It’s during these years of constant and healthy change of perspective and latitudes that Matias Aguayo hooks up with Gary Pimiento, Pablo Castoldi, LadyBumBox and other friends in Buenos Aires and starts with them a project of temporary free club spaces, as “juventud clandestina”, that would in proper time lead to the more structured experience of the BumBumBox parties, free street parties taking place all around South America as a way to ignite a new, refreshing approach to club music or music production and, most of all, to the relationship between artists and audiences. It’s with this experience in his pocket that Aguayo pursues his solo career, returning to Cologne’s Kompakt in 2005 with Are You Really Lost (an album that also marks the beginning of a creative partnership with Marcus Rossknecht, that will eventually flow in a project together known as Broke) and making his appearance, first in 2007 with the Ep A Night at the Tilehouse and then again in 2009 with The 99 Seconds Ep, on another well-known and hugely respected label, the London Soul Jazz Records. Notwithstanding the fact that his voice and his productions have somehow become a trademark of electronic sexiness and deep techno grooves, Aguayo’s music is more and more hard to pin down; whether he humorously flirts with chart success, taking the piss out of the “minimal techno” phenomenon in his hit from 2008 Minimal, or he turns to the more underground sounds and grooves of his own imprint Cómeme, Aguayo eludes cliché of any sort. His gigs, half live-half dj sets, with their intoxicating mix of house music, swing, italo disco, kwaito, techno, electro, tribal huarachero, cumbia and Colombian champeta, add even more bewilderment.Serving as his real biggest inspiration nowadays to make music, Cómeme is the natural evolution of the BumBumBox parties’ experience and the concrete realization of Aguayo’s dream to put the community aspect back to the center of things. His last album on Kompakt, the utterly ambitious Ay Ay Ay released in 2009, and his more recent live gigs with the band, clearly shows the effect of this new choral dimension. In Aguayo’s world, making music has always evolved around making contact with an audience, communicating and interacting with people, more than closing oneself up for weeks in a studio. In the same way the BumBumBox parties became a way to connect with other local djs and musicians (Rebolledo and Daniel Maloso in México, Diego Morales in Santiago de Chile, Ana Helder and Djs Pareja in Argentina, to name a few), who were similarly motivated by the idea of sharing and enjoying music on a street level and who, thanks to Aguayo’s encouragement and expertise, were spurred to make music free of any constraint or conventional adherence to a specific style or genre.Aguayo’s latest adventure is the label Cómeme. Not only or not just a music label with some random artists, but also a community of people and musicians who seek, through participation and sharing of common interests and ideals, to reinvent the ways we think about the making and the distribution of music, showing that, in the prevailing music industry crisis, there are also great opportunities to search for new choices and ways. A bet that Matias Aguayo has successfully won as it is proved by the countless good reviews and praise falling on the Cómeme releases and the success of his recent European tour with Rebolledo, Daniel Maloso and Diego Morales and others. One sure thing is that, be it on Kompakt, Cómeme or other labels, Aguayo has still lots of exciting surprises up his sleeve.

Sunday, August 10, 2014


At an early age Mickey already got hooked to the more interesting
sounds of the 60’, 70’s and 80’s, never losing track of all the hot
music that is being released today. Some 10 years ago he decided to
start producing his own sounds and this soon led to his first release on
Relish Records. Being charted by The Magician in his ‘Magictapes’
has helped put the spotlight on Mickey in recent years. DJ bookings
over Belgium and beyond followed, highlights being gigs in New York
(Nouveau York Party), Hollywood (Dim Mak Studio), China &
Australia, whilst landing a Belgian residency at Libertine Supersport
club in Brussels.
As a producer Mickey has fast become a force of his own. Playing all
instruments himself Mickey has already done some song writing for
other bands and continues to grow as a producer. After his first E.P.
he surprised the world with killer remixes for Housse de Racket on
Kitsune, Tyson, Beni, His Majesty Andre & Sebastien Tellier. In 2013
all got changed with his remix for Claptone's 'No Eyes feat. Jaw'. It
saw him retreat the familiar structure of house music for a 6 minute
slice of uplifting deep house that went to the Top of the Beatport
Charts. The Berlin based Exloited label, liked his remix so much that
he got asked for a proper release. Here you go: Mickey's first
release on Exploited: Walk Away. And it's a bomb! Promised!

Sunday, August 10, 2014


Mind Against is a Berlin-based electronic music duo.

The project is born in 2011 and in 2012 they recorded and released their first single "Cagliostro" on breakthrough label Life and Death.

Through the same imprint, Mind Against released in 2013 their debut EP "Atlant" to critical acclaim.

In 2012 and 2013 the duo have also composed several remixes for, amongst others, WhoMadeWho, Art Department, Róisín Murphy, PillowTalk and Avatism on labels such as Kompakt, Cocoon Recordings and aforementioned Life and Death.

While heavily influenced from IDM and with clear roots in techno and house, in most of cases their sound can not be easily related to an established genre.

Sunday, August 10, 2014


a“Give every night the chance to become the best one ever”

Think John Holmes, Tom Selleck, Giorgio Moroder...
Expect a sexy mix mash of kitschy tunes, dazzling disco classics, 80’s influences and a touch of nu-synth pop. Edgy, playful and unpredictable.

Saturday, August 9, 2014


Moufang's grandmothers were both classical concert pianists. He can still remember favourite childhood moments, sitting under the piano as they played, surrounded and lost in sound.

If talent converted into record sales, David Moufang would be a very rich man. His records with partner Jonas Grossmann as Deep Space Network and his own solo releases as Move D are among the furthest outreaches of techno's push towards the stars. Moufang grew up in Heidelberg listening to his parents' collection of early Pink Floyd and Kraftwerk records but the most overwhelming influence on his childhood was outer space, the result of a trip to the cinema with his father to see 2001: A Space Odyssey. "I was space crazy as a child," Moufang told journalist Tony Marcus in 1995, "when the other kids were riding around in their little cars I'd be building my own spacecraft. I'd put in a small engine, put rubber on the wheels so it made some noise and stand there with a walkie-talkie and my headphones on. It was very techno..."

Moufang's grandmothers were both classical concert pianists. He can still remember favourite childhood moments, sitting under the piano as they played, surrounded and lost in sound. By the age of 12, he taken up drums (he eventually went on to study classical percussion) and took up the guitar a few years later, this time taking lessons from two separate jazz guitar teachers. He played guitar in a band called Rivers & Trains well into the '90s. Occasionally he even plied his trade as a DJ, spinning electro, funk and jazz. It wasn't until 1989 that he discovered techno when a friend of his, D-Man, invited him to a club he was running in the industrial suburb of Mannheim. When Moufang walked into the Milk! Club that night - like so many others before and after him - he discovered a scene that changed his life. Discovering Detroit, 808 State, Nexus 21 and the first stirrings of ambient techno, Moufang became a committed clubber. Through D-Man, he met Redagain P who converted Moufang's nickname "Mufti" into the more kinetic Move D.

Moufang's first records were made with Grossmann as Deep Space Network. Their first two albums, EARTH TO INFINITY (1992) and BIG ROOMS (1993) suggested a significant, unpredictable and innovative talent which was confirmed by the release of HOMEWORKS (1993), a Source Records compilation that included solo tracks such as "Pulsar" and "I've Been On Drugs" alongside collaborations with D-Man. Ranging from subtle, Detroit-inflected grooves to wired electronic jazz, Moufang's music seemed to operate on ambience, slow motion and subdued rhythm, a sound that was rooted, as Tony Marcus later pointed out, "in the jazzy, laid-back but still hip-tugging tradition of Larry Heard, Carl Craig's "Microlovr" or "The Wonders Of Wishing" and New York's Burrell Brothers... listening to [Moufang's records] is like a sweet and lazy adventure into sound, a space where time and stress are suspended."
REAGENZ (1994), a collaboration with SpaceTime Continuum's Jonah Sharp, was an astonishing fusion of beautiful, experimental electronics that reached out to a point that even Detroit's most visionary producers hadn't yet achieved. Recorded between Heidelberg and San Francisco, it sounded like pianist Bill Evans might have if he'd grown up surrounded by Star Trek instead of modal jazz.

Moufang's debut album, KUNSTSTOFF (1995), was equally remarkable. Tracks such as "Soap Bubbles" and "In/Out" oscillated between soft, dreamlike textures and the spiked electronics that Detroit was beginning to explore. The glittering production surfaces were a legacy of Moufang's days as a student at the School of Audio Engineering, but the music they encompassed was equally compelling. It was an album full of contrasts - between the jagged drugfloor grooves of, say, "Nimm 2" and the gentle, synthetic lullaby of "Beyond The Machine" or between the pristine sounds Moufang conjured with and the haloes of analogue noise which surrounded others. Amazingly pretty and wildly innovative, KUNSTSTOFF remains one of the most accomplished techno albums to emerge from Europe so far.

The collaborative ventures that followed - including EXPLORING THE PSYCHEDELIC LANDSCAPE (1996) and A DAY IN THE LIVE (1997) with Pete Namlook - preceded an experimental single for Sheffield's Warp label. Moufang had been a big fan of the label's "bleep techno" output in the early '90s and "Cymbelin" was, in some ways, a homage to that sound, twisting beats and synths into a bass heavy groove. But the producer's ability to soften almost any structure with aching prettiness transformed the record into a unique fusion.

Another unique fusion was suggested by the release of CONJOINT (1997). A collaboration between Moufang, jazz veteran Karl Berger, Jamie Hodge (of Born Under A Rhyming Planet) and Gunter "Ruit" Kraus, it was Moufang's most overtly jazzed outing so far, but provided spectacular evidence of his growing abilities as a producer and composer. Currently working on a number of new projects - including a new Deep Space Network album and a second Conjoint album - Moufang continues to explore the boundaries of electronic music.

Sunday, August 10, 2014

MR G live

With Mr.G aka Colin McBean we have a true legend on board. A preacher of all things house & techno, he dedicates himself to championing the underground energetic grooves inspired through a life spent discovering the best dancefloors our globe has to offer.
A born performer with an infectious energy, Mr.G is most at home stirring up a storm on either side of the dj booth, a man who can only be described as an exclusive chameleon of the electronic scene.

Saturday, August 9, 2014


Saturday, August 9, 2014


Neon, real name Stijn D'hont,was born in Destelbergen, near gent in 1985.
Destelbergen was known for the "Boccaccio Life", the famous new beat temple in belgium.
Living that close to this extraordinary club changed his way of living: it's the music that counts.
In 1995 ,at the age of 10, he started buying vinyl. In those days phiphi, yves deruyter & marko were his big influences...
After organizing his own parties, Mike Thompson offered him a dj set @ the legendary Cherry Moon in lokeren. His first clubgig at the age of 15!

Meantime, Neon was also doing his thing on the radio. He had his own show broadcasting every night on C-dance gent.

His radio appearance influenced his dj-career: he got the opportunity to start playing at his favourite club: the former Boccaccio that was called The Temple at the time. In 2003 he became one of the warm up deejays.

One year later, he left C-dance for the biggest dance radio in flanders: Topradio. Starting with a weekly dj-set, Neon soon got his own daily spot on national radio hosting his own radioshow called "The Nightclub".later that year he started his show update. This show is still on air everyday from 8am giving you an "update" on the hottest new music.

In 2005 Neon started his professional carreer as he started working at the Musicman recordstore in gent and became resident at The Temple on saturdays playing house,groove and progressive.

Even TV wasn't safe anymore: every week he presented the "Release of the Week" on jimtv's,"Going Out" show.
Since januari 2007,thanks to his friend and colleague Joeri, he has been resident on sundaynights at the number one club in belgium: La Rocca, Lier,

2008 & 2009 are the years where Neon takes it one step beyond: Together with his friend and colleague Maxim Lany he took over the mainroom of Culture Club where he is still playing today on Thursday & Saturday nights.
In 2009 Neon also was the closingact on the Laundry Day Mainstage playing after Tiesto.
This set made the StuBru listeners vote Neon as fifth most popular dj in Belgium of 2010.

Neon's international career is also exploding! Playing on a regular basis in South-Korea, Tel-Aviv, Miami,... and playing every edition of the Tomorrowland festival, Neon made it on the line up of the first edition of TomorrowWorld Atlanta!
Nowadays Neon is also know as one of the Ghent Bangers: Teaming up with Davidov they make sure no club, festival or bar mitswa is safe anymore: Complete anarchy & mayhem on the dancefloor!

At this moment Neon is still making his way into the belgian nightlife and beyond: His story isn't over yet,that's 4 sure...

Over the last 4 years Neon played with almost every big artist on the planet:
Deadmau5, Steve Aoki, A-Trak, Crookers, Faithless, Martin Solveig, Jacques Lu Cont, Booka Shade, Bob Sinclar, David Guetta,Armand Van Helden,The Bloody Beetroots,Tiga, Eat's Everything, Mr Oizo, Maceo Plex, Seth Troxler, Fake Blood, Laidback Luke, Justin Martin, Sasha, Tiësto; Armin Van Buuren, Pete Tong, Netsky, Brodinski, Dubfire, Joe Goddard, Gesaffelstein, Surkin, Jack Beats, The Proxy, Bingo Players, Claude Vonstroke, Amine Edge, Finnebassen, Julio Bashmore,Dan Ghenacia & Shonky, James Zabiela, Catz & Dogz, Jeugd Van Tegenwoordig, Mathias Tanzman, The Opposites, Len Faki, Ramon Tapia, Ben Pearce, Sidney Samson, Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike, MSTRKFT, La Riots, The Magician, Guy J, 16 Bit Lolitas Hernan Cattaneo, Aeroplane, Marko Faraone, Etienne De Crecy, Dada Life, Sandro Silva, Infinity Ink, Mandy, Dr Lektroluv, Sound Of Stereo, Dj Mehdi (RIP), Sandy Rivera, Redlight, Vato Gonzalez, T.Williams, Ryan Crosson, Kolsch, Bakermat, Matt Tolfrey, Joris Voorn, Kill Frenzy, Faul, Tensnake, 2 Many Deejays, Tapesh, Reboot, Yellow Claw, Martin Garrix, and many man more...

Sunday, August 10, 2014


LA-based oddball duo Nguzunguzu scope quite an eclectic kaleidoscope of sounds: Asam Maroof and Daniel Pineda create a glitzy mixture of slick nineties R&B, contemporary dance nd future bass music. Maroof recently collaborated with M.I.A. on her Vicky Leekx-mixtape and subsequently became her touring DJ. Luckily Asam was still able to find the time to work with Pineda on Nguzunguzu's latest effort 'Warm Pulse', a fresh new EP which was released this summer with stuttering beats, glitch and trap music. Get ready for some serious shebangin'!

Saturday, August 9, 2014


Saturday, August 9, 2014


What's in a name? Considered 'King Of The Afterparty' by many, Pete knows how to howl at the moon as no other, leading a pack of die hard night wolves throughout 5 to 6 hour sets. Sending out constant diversity and well balanced suspense to the floor, he is in fact the guy that keeps the night young. So young that daytime often has to struggle to finally take over again.
As a 14-year old cup, he started mixing techno and house music, progressing into psychedelic trance and making his way to the top of the international trance mountain where he would firmly reside for about 5 years. Been there..

What's in a name? Considered 'King Of The Afterparty' by many, Pete knows how to howl at the moon as no other, leading a pack of die hard night wolves throughout 5 to 6 hour sets. Sending out constant diversity and well balanced suspense to the floor, he is in fact the guy that keeps the night young. So young that daytime often has to struggle to finally take over again.
As a 14-year old cup, he started mixing techno and house music, progressing into psychedelic trance and making his way to the top of the international trance mountain where he would firmly reside for about 5 years. Been there, done that, back to the roots.
Returning to his initial love for house and techno music Pete re-launched himself the proper way. Starting among a pack of young wolves, he won the 2006 Laundry Day dj contest and became a leader once again. As his 'You Lucky Bitch' residency at the notorious Decadance club became a general residency, he launched concepts as Kiss Kiss Bang Bang, Tijgerkracht and Clash Of The Mustache. If you've seen people like Nina Kraviz, Radio Slave, Jamie Jones, Marc Houle, Pan-Pot and Gregor Tresher spinning at Decadance, than you owe Pete a thank you. Or a drink. As you please.
As a dj he continued to perfect his blends of electronica, nu disco, deep house, house, tech house and techno, leading him to booths of events and clubs all over Belgium like Culture Club and Alpha x Nachtvogels Open Air. Rightfully sharing line-ups with Maceo Plex and Ben Pearce for example and being part of the feedback panel at Play&Produce.
So give your sharp senses a treat and follow Pete into his favourite woods of diverse quality dance music. Howling is allowed.

Sunday, August 10, 2014


Benoit Franquet better known as Pole Folder is a Belgian electronic musician and live club performer, based in Brussels.

A former protégée of British DJ John Digweed, Pole Folder entered the limelight in 2001 as a DJ and producer at the forefront of the European progressive house movement, and has since evolved into a multi-instrumentalist and live performer of melodic-driven techno, tech house and deep house.

Pole Folder rose to prominence when his track "Apollo Vibes" was featured on John Digweed's Los Angeles retrospective in the Global Underground series on Boxed Records. This was followed over the course of the following year by the AA single 'Enter The Rhythm/Waxxx' and a third single, 'Dust' (which was again championed by Digweed).

From there, EP and single projects followed on such labels as Sunkissed Records and Mo-Do Records, whilst Pole Folder spent much of the next two years focusing on an artist album he had been commissioned to do by John Digweed, making him the first artist to produce an artist album for Bedrock Records. The album, Zero Gold featured collaborations with Brooklyn singer and songwriter Shelley Harland, fellow Belgian Sandra Ferretti and Kirsty Hawkshaw. Several 'Zero Gold' tracks such as 'Faith In Me' and 'Salvation On Slavery Sins' were featured on hit US TV shows including Nip/Tuck and CSI. Pole Folder and CP's 'Apollo Vibes' cut was featured in the movie 'Stark Raving Mad'.

In 2006, Pole Folder produced a series of projects and EPs for Mashtronic Records and Proton Music. Pole Folder has also performed as a DJ and live artist in Europe, North America and Asia. He also runs since 2010 a digital record label called Reworck.

Sunday, August 10, 2014


Raw District is the new Belgian based house project of Vernon Bara and Massimo DaCosta.
The pair met in 2000, in a record shop in Mons (Belgium) and quickly decided to express their love of House Music through producing their own original material.
Since the early 00s, under their “Vernon&DaCosta” pseudonym they have released music on labels such as OM Records, AMA Rec, Robsoul, Aroma, OFF, Icon, Doubledown and many more. The duo set up their own imprint Homecoming Music in 2010, in order to release music by themselves and their friends. The label has released music by artists such as Brett Johnson, DJ W!ld, Chris Carrier, Djebali, Gulivert, Phil Weeks, Tripmastaz and Inland Knight to name a few.

Early in 2013, they decided to start a new side project called "Raw District". This will see them focus on the darker and deeper side of House music. Raw District tracks will feature fewer samples and more organic influences. However, their trademark soul, funk and disco influences will still be evident, mixed up with the fresh European sounds coming from Berlin. Vocal collaborations are penned with artists such as Ingrid Hakanson, Ellipsis (who worked with Brett Johnson on his last Visionquest release) and Texan Red Eye.

Over the years, the pair has remixed around 40 tracks for artists such as Brett Johnson, Fred Everything, Style of Eye, Miguel Migs and JT Donaldson. They have garnered a reputation as important international producers and their music is supported by great DJs like Luciano, Ricardo Villalobos, Jamie Jones, Phil Weeks, Mark Farina, DJ Sneak, Derrick Carter, Roger Sanchez and Laurent Garnier.

Vernon makes music as Ultrasone alongside Igor Vicente, which is a more techno orientated project. The duo has released music on labels such as Hot Creation and Supplement Facts.

Vernon & Massimo are successful DJs, who have been spinning together for over 15 years. They have played at all the main Belgian clubs and events, such as Extrema, Tomorrow Land, Groove City, 10 Days Off, Café D’Anvers, Silo, H2o Club, Food and Fuse. They have also played in major foreign cities, such as Miami, New York, Chicago, LA, San Francisco, Montreal, Oslo, London, Barcelona, Ibiza, Prague, Belgrade, Berlin, Frankfurt and Amsterdam.
The future looks bright for Raw District, with some EPs released on legendary Defected, Crosstown Rebels sister label : Rebellion and their own Homecoming Music.

Sunday, August 10, 2014


On the DJ block since 1992 – albeit a very small block in the first 10 years – if you are an amateur of that big play we call nightlife, chances are you either danced, got drunk or got annoyed while Red D was playing some records.

Sure, I could say that I was influenced by *insert credible genre of music here* or that I got my big break at *insert name of credible legendary but now closed club here*, but who really needs to know? Let’s just say that when playing some records, throwing the odd party and running a bit of a label, the following things might have been important in some way: DJ Hooligan, Music Man, Tina Turner, new beat, Boccaccio, rave, trance, Paul Van Dyk, Cherry Moon, Cirao, DJ Phi-Phi, high school party needing a dj, Nonkel Frans, tape trading, Love Parade, Fuse, Detroit, techno, Benoelie & Biens, Chicago, house, Cajual,Silo, Derrick Carter, Kinky People, Clues, Deinze, Decadance, internet, E-bay,Discogs, Rare Records in Eindhoven, Gangstarr, DEMF/Movement, Tyree Cooper, We Play House, Scott Ferguson, Reggie Dokes, Lady Linn, disco, Rendez-Fou, Sunday Matinee, Larry Heard, Charlatan, San Soda, Charles Webster, We Play House Recordings, Eenders Halle, Tomorrowland, FihP, Panorama Bar, copywriting & Music Mania.

All the rest you can ask me whilst having a beer together, or you could just come and listen when I play.

Saturday, August 9, 2014


Red Axes is a project created by Tel- Aviv Based producers & DJs Dori Sadovnik & Niv Arzi.

Red Axes Biography:

Red Axes is a project created by Tel-Aviv based producers and DJs Dori Sadovnik and Niv Arzi.

The duo has been performing together since a long time, first as members of the new wave / post punk band Red Cotton.

After living in Amsterdam and traveling in Europe, the guys returned to Tel-Aviv and began an underground psychedelic electronic party series called "Break It!" which brought refreshing energy into the Tel Aviv scene .

In 2009, they established a new vision and concept for all of their artistic endeavors - focusing on house, disco and techno. Several Red Axes EPs came out between 2009 and 2011.

At 2012 they released “Tour de Chile” EP on I’m a Cliché and another EP on the same label - “1970”, in addition to remixes and original tracks for La Belle or Clouded Vision and Days of being wild.

2013 continued with "Silver bed" Ep at I’m a Cliché and "Caminho De Dreyfus" Ep on Correspondant along side remixes for labels such as Kill the Dj and Throne of blood .

Their work in editing masterpieces and live-recordings helped them push their boundaries both as DJs and as producers.

more to come this year is a track for the Treasure hunting compilation at Astro lab recordings and a remix for the classic Gina x song - No GDM on Relish recordings .

Playing in Tokyo and all over europe from summer 2012 is a step further towards transcontinental recognition.

Red axes working now on their first album, to be out early next year .

Saturday, August 9, 2014


Based in Brussels, he's resident dj at Libertine Supersport (since 2009).

Rick Shiver is a truly eclectic dj, he seamlessly spins a broad range of new/old sounds and styles geared towards one thing – getting the crowd to move. Perpetually ahead of the curve, he has no problem playing records side by side that most would never think to put together. His main technique is that whatever works gets thrown into the mix…

Saturday, August 9, 2014


Rødhåd has been socialized by Berlin's looptechno nights and always finds the perfect balance of timeless techno to lift the dancefloor higher and higher. His style is always deep, powerful and melancholic - from dub to techno and back to house.

Saturday, August 9, 2014


STWO (pronounced ‘Stew’) is a 20-year-old producer from Paris, France who has joined taste making Los Angeles label Soulection. He first wowed us his original track, ‘You’, then followed it up with a three track debut EP, ‘Moans’ that has garnered hundred’s of thousands of plays, and attention from taste making blogs across the internet.

With only a short time of producing under his belt, he has now impressed his quickly growing fan base with the newest masterpiece, his EP ‘Beyond’ via Live For The Funk. The EP has collectively received almost half a million plays, and has proven to listeners that STWO has some real talent.

Not only can STWO please our ears from his SoundCloud account, but also has a live set that will leave you with your hands in the air and your jaw on the floor. STWO plans to take his smooth sounds to fans all over the world.

Sunday, August 10, 2014


House & Techno Full Hardware Electronic Live Music
- Deep in House/ Le Pacifique Records/ BE -
Fausto and Val’Oche form the duo named Silicon Vallée which started off in the early days of the year 2013 after Faustos EP was released on Pacific Records. They then grasped the opportunity to assemble a full hardware set up in order to start their story as young live artists. After about 15 live performances they got together to polish their house and techno based live and can now work on producing their sound.

Saturday, August 9, 2014


Sinjin Hawke was born in the state of New Jersey, his father a horn player and computer graphics programmer, and his mother a university professor.[1]

His experiments with rap production started in his early teenage years, trying to emulate the grandiose orchestral aesthetic of Just Blaze and DJ Premier instrumentals without using their traditional sampling techniques.[2] As he grew older his interests began to drift towards Montreal's electronic music scene, and in 2009 he started Boomclap, a weekly party at a local nightclub called Blue Dog. After hosting artists like DJ Rashad and Lunice, Sinjin was inspired to create his first palpable waves as a producer.[3] This began with a self-released collection of bootlegged reworks, taking on tracks from Beyonce, The-Dream, DJ Khaled, and other flagship artists of modern hip-hop and R&B, and twisting their commercial-radio origins into pieces of underground club music.

In 2011, Sinjin quit his job, sold everything and moved to Barcelona, where he crafted his first EP, "The Lights". The debut effort was released towards the tail end of 2011 through the Belgium-based Pelican Fly label.[4] Sinjin rode the success of this release throughout 2012 as a regularly touring artist around Europe, North America, and Asia.[5] For this he developed a live hardware performance, consisting of drum machines and analog synths, which was later broadcast by Boiler Room in Los Angeles.

Mid 2012, Sinjin released "Prom Nite" on Pelican Fly and followed that up with a series of official remixes for ghettotech pioneers DJ Funk and DJ Assault.[6]

In 2013, he participated in the New York City instalment of the Red Bull Music Academy,[7] where he collaborated with highly acclaimed rap producer, Just Blaze, on a song called “One”.[8] This came shortly after Sinjin released a song with founding member of Three 6 Mafia, Gangsta Boo.[9]

In 2014, Sinjin and Zora Jones established an artistic platform called Fractal Fantasy, christening it with a series of computer graphic driven audio-visual pieces.[10][11] These first pieces have featured musical collaborations between Sinjin and other producers such as New Jersey Ballroom mainstay MikeQ, and co-founder of Night Slugs, L-Vis 1990.[12]

Saturday, August 9, 2014


Smith Davis’ passion of playing house music started in 1993. Inspired in the early days of Chicago-and West-Coast house music, this was for him the way to go-on with this kind of electronic music. Later on he was also interested in other styles and plays a mixture of other electronic music such as deep-funky minimal house , Club house and tech house , only music that keep’s your ass moving. His sound carries on in as well national as international clubs with his residency at Supperclub A’dam and De Rechter Eindhoven and frequently guest a H2O Belgium . In 2007 he is invited by Café D ‘ Anvers to play several Classics night’s and become a resident at the Kiss U Better night with every time a fully success. Also Space Club Ibiza invited him to play a set at the Main Room on the legendary We Love Sundays night in the summer of 2007 , so do we have to say something more ?... He played in the Belgian top clubs like Culture Club ,Café D’Anvers,Decadance,H2O club,Silo , Catacombes,Follies Pigalle,Krush Club and so on… His dj’ing has taken him around the world to places such as Copenhagen,Milano,St-Petersburg,Ibiza,Cologne,Frankfurt,Praque,Miami , Chicago,Rome, Riga , Paris , Almaty – Kazachstan and many more where he also played alongside dj’s such as Jt Donaldson , Lawnchair Generals , Gene Farris ,Phil Weeks,Amir Javasoul, Paul Johnsson , East Coast Boogiemen , Demarkus Lewis , Ivan Smagghe , Jef K , The Glimmers , 2many Dj’s ,Tania Vulcano,Loco Dice , Dubfire , Sasha , Junior Jack and Kid Créme, Eddie Richards , DJ T , Andrew Weatherhall , Dan Ghenacia , Ben Watt , Pete Heller , Pan-Pot , Radoo, Italoboyz,Slam,Pete Tong , Laurent Garnier , Miguel Campbell , Karmon , Nhan Solo , Finnebassen , Tapesh , The Magician , Martinez Brothers , Matthias Tanzmann , Reboot , Luciano , Kolsch , to name a few… In 2006 Smith Davis released his first record at Aqua records ( H2O label ) and was hit at Amir Javasoul chart spotted at N°3 , other tracks will follow in the near future.In 2008 he was for 2 years the resident and bookingsagent of Knokke's first house club Zuri and he made also the compilation cd for the club , but time flies by and in 2010 he became resident at his favorite club H2O . Nowadays he plays Deep House , Nu Disco and Deeper stuff as a resident at Culture Club , Kitsch Club , Magic and 69 Club and lot’s of festivals coming up such as Extrema outdoor , Tomorrowland , Wecandance , Hypo O dream and many more … .Ibiza 2014 will also be great for Smith Davis as he will play at Destino Ibiza this year .
> When this guy is spinning the decks you will have some quality time on the dance floor and experience a great time. So watch this guy !

Saturday, August 9, 2014


Hardly two years ago, three 'teenagers of 2000' started a project. Armed with a common nostalgia for R&B oldies and hip-hop classics as well as an even bigger obsession with future dancefloor vibes, they took things to the club and started what is now one of the sexiest clubnights around: SURVIVOR. After taking Ghent and Antwerp, the Survivor Tag Team (Steven UV + Dune) is ready to hit the beach!

Sunday, August 10, 2014


Tale Of Us is the new unique Berlin based sound scape project of Karm & Matteo Milleri.

Both originally hailing from outside of Europe, Karm was born in Toronto and Matteo in New York, they moved to Milan while very young and this is where they met and formed the working bond that they now share. At the moment they are living out of Berlin an inspirational frontier that is allowing them to enlarge their bonds.Their music and productions are a mixture of new sounds and genres ranging from pop to house, nu/disco to rock with everything in between, music that can make people dance feeling their deepest emotions come alive.

The first full debut release of the duo will be out on 'Visionquest' (Label of Seth Troxler, Ryan Crosson, Shaun Reeves & Lee Curtiss) in Spring 2011 whilst tracks already appear on labels such as 'Barraca Music', 'Cocoon' and 'Life & Death'. Various collaborations took place in 2010 alongside fellow 'Visionquest' label mates Shaun Reeves & Ryan Crosson for critically acclaimed remixes and EP's. In particular the Tale Of Us remix on 'Life & Death' (Thugfucker - Disco Gnome) has seen them achieve much praise, airplay and success in record sales. Future remixes on the horizon sees the duo try their hand at something totally different with a dynamic remix for an upcoming album of the rock band 'Who Made Who' which fuses together both rock and techno whilst managing to create something incredibly raw and interesting.

Karm & Matteo have already played in clubs such as Watergate, Weekend, Privilege, Tenax, Barraca & DC10 and have been throwing secret loft parties in their hometown of Milan, known as 'Just This'. Such a wide range of clubs already played illustrates the natural talent in both and production and performing, helped in part due to their expansive understanding and knowledge of all variations of music.

Upcoming events will see them perform both Live & DJ sets at locations around the world during WMC at Miami, at Detroit Movement Festival (DEMF),or Sonar Barcellona,they are also officially booked at Klubber's Day Madrid,Fiesta Privada Rome, Elita Festival Milan and many other quality venues through Europe.

Stay tuned for this growing Tale...

Sunday, August 10, 2014


Mario Basanov has risen to the forefront of electronic music over recent years, delivering a host of stunning remixes and productions along the way most recently using his Ten Walls alias. With releases on labels such as Innervisions, Get Physical, Defected, and Noir Music. His highly demanded remix services has allowed him to create reworks for bands such as Metronomy, Flight Facilities and Crazy P. It is not only Mario’s outstanding technical production that makes people take note but his scope and versatility. As a producer, DJ and musician we have only witnessed a fraction of what Mario has to offer. We wait in anticipation to see what is yet to come.

Saturday, August 9, 2014


Brutal honesty: generally it’s not a trait used to describe the skills of a DJ. But in the case of Belgium born TLP aka Troubleman, there’s no way around it. Brutal honesty is at the core of everything he does, which adds up to much more than spinning tunes.
Among the many titles on his lengthy resume are rapper/freestyle MC, music writer, hip-hop spokesman, recording artist and radio host. With more than two decades of field experience under his belt, TLP is a musical force to be reckoned with. An unstoppable, musical phenomenon with a notorious rep stretching far beyond his native ground – just ask him, he’ll tell you!
In 1987 mister Troubleman had his first taste of the stage with Kick The Bass, a posse of rappers, breakdancers and graffiti artists that also featured a certain female MC by the name of Ya Kid K, before she became part of the worldwide success story of Technotronic. In his own right, TLP broke ground when he sided with DJ Grazhoppa to form Rhyme Cut Core, one of Belgium’s first hip-hop acts to be signed in the UK. Many years before that, when London was celebrating Nelson Mandela’s freedom, TLP had his first encounter with a Jamaican soundsystem. Its sheer physical power made an everlasting impression on the aspiring MC. Partying all night on the urban sounds of Soul II Soul, Afrika Bambaata, Stetsasonic and The Jungle Brothers, young T found his future and was never again to lose his taste for big, bad bass lines and improvised shout-outs!
For the record: let’s not forget this was a time before House of Pain taught the world that white men could jump and Eminem became a superstar. White skinned hip-hop ambassadors were met with great prejudice, a thing that TLP continued to battle for the larger part of his career.

Over the years and countless projects later, TLP’s focus started to shift towards the turntables. His natural knack for word play and crowd control became a great asset when manning the wheels of steel. Partnered with an enormous love and knowledge of music, TLP quickly made name as a DJ with his own unique definition of mixing and selecting. When some local entrepreneurs took night life in Ghent to another level, invading museums, showrooms and abandoned warehouses with celebrated nights as Bel.Mondo and Eskimo, they enlisted the Troubleman to host their hip-hop and R&B themed rooms. When those same party moguls opened up Culture Club, they put TLP in charge of his own floor. He took up a weekly residency and for the first years, next to fellow Ghent locals The Glimmers and 2manydjs, was vital in helping build the club its acclaimed reputation. It was here at Culture Club that TLP’s infamous all night marathon sets (8 to 9 hours are no exception) started to build momentum. This is a man who rides the rhythm as it rolls out; treating his followers to a healthy mash-up of soul, r’n’b, roots reggae, disco, funk, deep and latin house classics, dubstep, afrobeat, booty bass and so on… A true champion of the dance floor, TLP is and always will be last man standing!
Compiling and mixing five volumes of Culture Club compilations took the devoted party goliath to new frontiers, rocking floors in the many exclusive locations such as Club Yellow (Tokyo), Lux (Lisbon), Jimmy Woo (Amsterdam), Cookies (Berlin) and Respect Is Burning (Paris). On several occasions, he set fire to the Miami Winter Music Conference, caused mayhem on countless festivals such as Tomorrow Land and Dour, and supported artists such as Erykah Badu,…………
Sometimes his big mouth gets him into trouble (they don’t call him Troubleman for nothing..), but TLP’s verbal capacities are also appreciated by his peers, such as Flemish hip-hop troupe ‘t Hof Van Commerce, who enlisted him for some guest rhymes on tracks as Tottentrekkerie – in return, their chieftain Flip Kowlier crowned TLP ‘the porn king of Ghent’. Also, together with Raoul Belmans from Swirl People, TLP collaborated on the steaming hip-house track Watcha Gonna Do.
After more than 20 years of pumping the volume for the larger part of the week, TLP still is a tireless advocate for the music. Refusing to compromise, pouring his heart and soul into it. Maybe the biggest recognition of his devotion to the good cause is his self-named national radio show on Studio Brussel. Every Saturday evening TLP spreads his love for urban sounds from around the globe over the Belgian airwaves. Telling it like it is, with brutal honesty.

Sunday, August 10, 2014


In 1989 Christophe Mark aka Tofke Guaparas started DJ-ing at underground party's together with Deg (Fuse). In 1990 Claude from City Parade discovered Tofke and gave him his chance to start at the age of 15 as Belgium's youngest DJ in the very first after club in Belgium called The Globe.

At that time, his music style was a new, fresh, techno sound. Soon he played in clubs all over Europe such as: Warehouse-Koln, E-Werk-Berlin, La Luna-Marseille, Rex-Paris... and raves like Mayday-Berlin, Love Parade-Berlin, Magic Kingdom-Switzerland, Coalmine Rave-Croatia, ... In all this different places he held his ground next to DJ’s like Carl Cox, Laurent Garnier, Jack de Marseille, Alex Patterson, Richie Hawtin, Marco Bailey and many, many more.

In 1993 he was elected third best Belgium DJ by the readers poll of the iconic nightlife magazine "Out Soon". Later that year he fell in love with Ibiza where he started to play on beach parties and private villa parties. During the years 1996 till 2002, he held a weekly resident at Pacha for two years and another at Space Ibiza for again two years. He also did one season @ Pin-Up for Coxwen. Besides that, he played in all the major clubs in Ibiza such as Privilege, El Divino, Amnesia and also got the chance to do the more underground parties like Circo Loco @ DC10 and Km5. Next to all
the DJ-ing, he also owned the famous bar "Coolture Cafe Ibiza" together with his friend Carmello Martinez. Tofke teamed up with Daniel Munoz (former creative director @ Space) to start "Mad Productions". They were the first to organize Ibiza-reunions in Belgium.
As a DJ he played with all the great Ibiza DJ’s such as Pippi, Jose de Divina, Elias, Tania Vulcano, Bruno Cafe Del Mar, Smoking Jo, Javy Munoz, Oliver, Cesar de Melero, ...

Back in Belgium he has been resident the last 15 years in almost every club worth mentioning. Think La Rocca, Pacha Brussels, At The Villa, The Globe, Bump @ Fuse, Carat, Illusion, H2O, Creamm, Barocco... Tofke is probably one of the most famous DJ’s from the early 90's scene in Belgium who still plays in clubs such as Pacha-Marrakech, Cream-Gran Canaria, Ministry of sound London, Kadoc Portugal, Panama Amsterdam, Souk New York, ...

In 2004 Tofke started the collective "THE CREAMMINALS" together with partners in crime Alec Stylez and Art.B.
In 2007 he start throwing his own parties in La Rocca Backstage once a month which has a reputation as being the most famous meeting-point for people in the industry.
Also in 2007, new club Noxx opened its doors. Soon enough Tofke was asked to become a resident at their Salle Noire. It was in Noxx that he shared the decks with names such as Dubfire, Loco Dice, John Digweed, Audiofly... Tofke also mixed the 1 year Noxx compilation which went straight to the top of the charts in Belgium.

In 2009 Tofke teamed up with Ugur Akkus to start Labyrinth Productions. In just one year they’ve managed to become one of the most wanted promotors of the moment. They’ve earned their fame with the Cocoon, Cadenza, Circoloco and Peoples parties at Café d’Anvers in Antwerp, which brought the club back to being thé top location in Antwerp. In September 2010, Labyrinth joined forces with the leading manufacturer of DJ equipment, Pioneer DJ, to bring a new and original concept combining workshops with a night out on the tunes of the world’s top (100) DJ’s. Of course Tofke holds a residency on all these parties, which opened up a whole new window of opportunities.
Next to organising these successful parties, Labyrinth Productions also operates as a bookings agency offering some of the best and hottest underground DJ’s of the moment. Their roster contains names such as Alex Dolby, Arado, Marco Faraone, Coyu, Danny Serrano, Hermanez, Javi Munoz, Pole Folder and many more.

Sunday, August 10, 2014


His name is Victor Crezée and his adventures are legendary. Coming up as a youngster in Amsterdam, the DJ formerly known as Lil’ Vic acquired the essentials of Hip-Hop mixing and scratching under the influence and tutelage of the city’s big boys. Wasting no time, he passionately studied the vinyl classics and established himself at a rapid pace through radio airwaves and gigs such as Appelsap and Knockout.

This talented breath of fresh air kept breezing throughout Amsterdam during his teen years, carving out his own position and laying the groundwork for a lengthy career. Fast forward to the present, Vic Crezée dropped the Lil’ and has become a leading authority in the Dutch music scene. As an accomplished nightclub DJ, he holds down no less than 3 monthly residencies: “Woo Riddim” (All night long back 2 back with Cinnaman) at the famed Jimmy Woo, “Live at the BBQ” at everybody’s favorite Bitterzoet, and last but not least “Bassline”, Amsterdam’s longest running Hip-Hop event at the legendary Paradiso. In addition to those, he also holds down a bi-monthly spot at the DirtyDirtyDirty extravaganza.

It is unquestionably safe to say that Vic plays an integral part in the current Amsterdam nightlife not only with his acclaimed residencies, but also by influencing and impacting with his urban eclectic music selections. Whatever new (or old) discoveries he chooses to play, they will more than likely become staples in many DJ’s crates across the land for months to come.

Not the one to stick to one trick, Vic has expanded his musical range in recent years, be it solo, as one half of the Teenage Lady Killers, or alongside likeminds such as the Parra Soundsystem, broadening his repertoire with various genres such as UK Bass and House, and always played from a Hip-Hop point of view.

His creative knack for blending sounds as well as boundaries with ease has also enabled him to establish himself as a formidable creator and go-to guy for the recorded mix. Among the myriad milestones are his mixtape series curated by Amsterdam’s premium sneaker boutique Patta, “Het Grote Gedoe” with Faberyayo (De Jeugd van Tegenwoordig), $LBMG (Faberyayo, Sef & Spacekees), and The Robert Sylvester Kelly Story: a four-part sonic journey honoring the King of R&B. You might even catch him spitting a couple of hot bars if he feels like it.

As his reputation grows bigger, so does his versatility, creativity and diverse selection in music. Alongside his consistent duties manning the decks effortlessly at the best clubs, festivals and recording rooms, this gentleman is also keeping things in motion by venturing out to creating music. As the Mayor of Leidseplein, Entertainment Area, it is Victor Crezée’s duty to lead, develop and magnetize the crowd.

Sunday, August 10, 2014


There were a string of tasty edits and the remixes for Keane, Moby and The Golden Filter. Endorsments from the likes of Erol Alkan and Aeroplane. A few festival slots and high profile club bookings. But still, when, sometime in back end of 2010, Villa started to tiptoe into their modest corner of the limelight, it was still a project into its growing pains. Originally rooted from the DJ partnership of Ghent duo Thang & Fredo, it wasn't until the former spend some time in the home studio of his long-time buddy Francois Demeyer that the definite shape of Villa is drawn up.

Many moons ago, these boys rubbed shoulders in the short-lived local band Foxylane, but while Thang's well developing DJ ambitions took him elsewhere, Francois followed his own path - which lead to being part of the line up of Belgian's fashion darlings Vive La Fête, hooking up with The Glimmers for Disko Drunkards and crafting soulful poptunes with his own band Soapstarter.
Now, the decades long club experience from Thang, matched with multi-instrumentalist Francois' well honed studio skills are a match made in disco heaven! Right?

“Right!”, says Francois. “Disco is at the core of Villa, but we don't want to be confined by endless arpeggios and other cosmic trickery. There's so much more sounds out there, endless shades of disco to toy with.” His cohort agrees: “Everything we put out there must have a heart, an organic groove, a soul; anything to make it hit you where it matters. That comes first and foremost - we'll leave the labeling to the bloggers”. “Although we'd love to coin the phrase 'hyper-disco'!”, Francois jumps in laughingly.
All jokery aside, the online community will be happy to know that the pair are currently working on there 2nd EP, but first they unleash a bundle of impressive remixes, beginning with their hyper charged rework of The Human League's 'Night People'. Also be sure to watch out for Villa's anthemic take on Adele's 'Rolling In The Deep', a rework of Yeasayer's 'I Remember' that sounds like it's born out of a cloud of grilled mushrooms (the good kind), and their Deep Space Nine-ish remodeling of Digitalism's 'Blitz'.

It took a few years for these two buds to discover their creative compatibility, but as Villa they're off with a flying start. Keep your eye on the sky.

Written by Jonas Boel

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Wecandance wave line


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WECANDANCE takes place from 12am-12pm. Minimum age is 18.


By Car

From Gent, Brussels: Take the E40 destination OOSTENDE/BRUGGE take EXIT 8 in BRUGGE and follow the E403 direction BRUGGE then follow the N31 direction ZEEBRUGGE, follow the WECANDANCE signs

By Train

The WECANDANCE festival site is easy accessibele by train at the “ZEEBRUGGE STRAND” train station. For more info & time scheduele please visit www.nmbs.be

By Tramway

The nearest stop next to the festivalsite is called "ZEEBRUGGE STRANDWIJK". For more info & time schedueles please visit www.delijn.be there will be an 2 extra Trams in direction of Oostende and Knokke on saturday and sunday at 1.20 AM.


WECANDANCE Zeebrugge offers a range of Parking opportunities around the festival area, please follow the parking signs

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At only 5 min walking from the WECANDANCE festival site we offer the WECANCAMP camping. For the first time we are pleased to offer a fully equiped camping for your ultimate WECANDANCE holiday experience.

Tickets for the WECANCAMP camping can be purchased at the WECANDANCE ticketshop.

40 EUR per person / 3 nights

Camping will be open from friday evening 6 PM
and will close on monday morning 11 AM

We offer you camping facilities such
as showers, water, electricity charging points, etc...

Camping tickets do not include access to the festival.
Festival tickets need to be purchased seperatly.

Wecandance wave line

Special thanks to

Keep the beach clean