Desert dreams

WECANDANCE is celebrating its fifth anniversary and we won’t let it go by unnoticed. For the occasion, we’ve chosen a theme that couldn’t be more festive. On Saturday 12th and Sunday 13th of August, we will make your DESERT DREAMS come true.


WECANDANCE stands for quality music divided over 5 stages with 5 different genres going from house to slowdance to techno and hip hop. Up to 12 stage partners will co-curate a supreme line-up on the festival and the camping site with a mix of homegrown and international talent.


We approach food on a different level. Our Food Market, the beating heart of the festival, will be filled once again with multiple renowned Belgian restaurants and chefs, some that we’ve seen before, some of them new to the festival. As they do every year, they’ll create a signature WECANDANCE dish to pamper your taste buds in a way that will make you feel like you’re at Jamaa el-Fna.

If you’re more into a nice afternoon spent at the table with your friends and family, we also have a place for you to go. The past few years, The Jane (Antwerp) closed their doors to serve you the best haute-cuisine you can get. For the occasion, the festival will reinvent this concept without losing the feeling of a Michelin-starred restaurant.

For inquiries about bottle service, please send an email to


WECANDANCE will make your desert dreams come true. The beach of Zeebruges will be disguised in an oasis covered in tapestries, brass lamps, candles and voiles. Let your imagination go and stretch this two-day festival into one thousand and one nights.

It’s our anniversary, so we’d like to invite you to dress up for the occasion. Maybe some inspiration can help: think see-through fabrics, djellabas, caftans, colourful patterns, sandals and babouches, henna, smokey eyes and statement jewellery. But above all, come as you are.

Go and check our Pinterest for inspiration.


A fourth corner stone was added to our festival since our fourth edition in 2016. We invite different artists to create a bespoke installation that will trigger you to stop and think for a moment. By integrating art into our festival, we aim to bring a variety of creative disciplines closer to the people.


Every year, we team up with several partners to let you submerge into the festival atmosphere and discover new horizons. Wander around on the beach of Zeebruges and have a refreshing cocktail, try that new dish, finish off with make-up or that perfect hairdo styled into this year’s theme, get a temporary tattoo or a custom-made piece of apparel... WECANDANCE is all about the full festival experience that stimulates you in every possible way.