The WECANDANCE festival site is easy accessible by train at the “ZEEBRUGGE STRAND” train station. For more info and time schedules, please visit
    The nearest stop next to the festivalsite is called "ZEEBRUGGE STRANDWIJK". For more info and time schedules, please visit
  • BY CAR
    From Ghent, Brussels
    Take the E40 destination OOSTENDE/BRUGGE
    Take EXIT 8 in BRUGGE and follow the E403 direction BRUGGE
    Follow the N31 direction ZEEBRUGGE
    Follow the WECANDANCE signs

    From Antwerp 1
    Take the E34/N49
    When reaching KNOKKE, go right on the N349
    Turn right on the N300 and left on the N34
    Follow the WECANDANCE signs

    From Antwerp 2
    Take the E34
    Take the E17 destination GENT/SINT-NIKLAAS
    When reaching Ghent, take the E40 destination OOSTENDE/BRUGGE
    Take EXIT 8 in BRUGGE and follow the E403 direction BRUGGE
    Follow the N31 direction ZEEBRUGGE
    Follow the WECANDANCE signs
    WECANDANCE Zeebrugge offers parking opportunities around the festival area. Parking spots are limited, so try and carpool.
    Address for GPS: Zeedijk, 8380 Brugge


  • Timetable
    Coming in July
    Released names
  • Opening hours
    The festival will be on August 12th and 13th from open from 12 pm until 1 am.
  • Location
    Zeedijk, 8380 Brugge
  • Camping
    The camping opening hours will be announced soon. Tickets purchased for the camping do not give you access to the festival. Make sure to buy those tickets separately.
  • Minimum Age
    The minimum age is 18 years old. Everyone younger than 18 at the time of the event has to be accompanied by a legal guardian or parent.

 Don’t forget to bring your passport or ID.
  • Tickets
    Buy your tickets here. All questions about ticketing can be sent to Visit their website for more information.

  • Press requests
 All press requests can be submitted here until July 31st.
  • T&C
General Terms
  • Ear Protection
Take care of your ears! We will provide free ear plugs at the festival. Take care of your ears!
  • Food & Drinks
Visitors are not allowed to bring their own food and drinks. There are enough options on the festival site.
  • Photo & Video
    Simple (digital) cameras are allowed, professional cameras aren’t. This means that cameras with an interchangeable lens and larger cameras aren’t allowed on the festival site.
  • Drugs & Alcohol

    Drugs are in any case forbidden. Only medical drugs with a prescription are allowed. Please keep in mind to bring the prescription with your passport or ID.

 It is forbidden to bring alcohol onto the festival site. 

We will not serve strong alcohol under the age of 18.
  • Payment Methods

    Tickets and tokens can be bought cash of with debit card.
  • Lockers

    There will be lockers available at the festival site.
  • First Aid

    There will be a first aid post on the festival site. In case of emergency, please go there or ask our staff for more information.
  • House rules
Read Safety and Security and General Terms.
  • Lost & Found
 All lost and found items will be gathered at the festival. Should you forget or lose anything, please contact and we’ll be happy to help you.
  • Charge mobile phones
    There will be one charging point on the festival site for your phone.
  • Work at WECANDANCE
    We don’t work with volunteers, but students are more than welcome to join our team via Team Work.


The security of our visitors, artists and entourage, crew and people of Zeebruges and neighbouring villages is a number one priority to the organization of WECANDANCE. Our security measures were taken in consultation with the police, the emergency services and local government.

All visitors can be subject to a full hand search. They are deemed to cooperate and to open their bags spontaneously in order to show the contents to security and crew members responsible for the search. Small backpacks and handbags (max. 45 cm high) will be allowed on site after search.

We have set out clear guidelines concerning all items that are allowed or forbidden at the festival (see list* below).

Not allowed:

  • Professional photo, video and audio recording equipment
  • Tripods, selfiesticks, drones
  • Food or beverages (alcoholic and non-alcoholic, except water in plastic bottles for campers)
  • Glass, plastic bottles, cans, beverage boxes (except water in plastic bottles for campers)
  • Camelbags
  • Drugs (people who have to take medication are advised to bring a medical certificate)
  • Fireworks, explosives, torches and any other flammable products
  • Weapons, knives and other sharp items
  • Portable benches or chairs (except foldable camping chairs at the camping site)
  • Inflatable items (pools, balls, chairs and sofas…)
  • Non-drinkable gels and liquids such as deodorant, perfume and other spray cans (except cosmetic products in packaging smaller than 50ml)
  • Laser pens
  • Backpacks or purses larger than 45cm
  • Gas, gas burners and candles
  • Large parasols and umbrellas with pins
  • Plastic or wooden containers
  • Animals (except guide dogs for people with a visual disability)
  • Flyers, stickers, posters and other promo material not approved by WECANDANCE
  • Banners with discriminating or provocative messages that could disturb public peace and safety
  • Any other item that can be seen as dangerous by the organization

*This list can be altered at any time by the organization.

Tip: Try and avoid bringing redundant items or large bags. Leave them at home if possible or store them in our lockers. Only bags under 45cm height are allowed at the festival.

We’d like to thank all visitors for understanding and cooperating so we can all enjoy a cosy, unforgettable, but above all safe WECANDANCE 2017!


For the past four years, we were always proud to say we had a very clean edition of WECANDANCE. We want to continue this story and keep working with our bespoke WECANDANCE cups with nothing but positive messages.

We’re also keeping the Surfrider Foundation Europe by our side to protect our Belgian waters and coastline for the next generation. They make it possible to donate your used drinking cup at the festival. As the next generation is so important to us, we’ve also designed some WECANDANCE Kids Sweaters that are still for sale in our webshop. For each purchase, a part will be donated to their organisation.