Feeling free

We want everyone on our beach to have an incredible time. As an organization, we do what we do to offer all our visitors an experience that generates the feeling of being free. This sense of freedom is closely tied to feeling safe, supported, and respected. Rather than imposing rules, we have certain expectations & ways of helping us maintain everyone’s safety on the beach. Please read the following important information to ensure an unforgettable festival experience for everyone for all the right reasons through this link.

Need more information, help or do you have anything to add? Please contact impact@wecandance.be!

Growing green

We kindly ask our visitors, teams, artists and suppliers to help us reach our sustainable goals. And even when it seems super easy, and everyone knows the drill, it’s quite the task to be kind to the planet as a festival (on the beach).

Here’s how our visitors help us grow towards a greener event:

  • MOBILITY — join us by tram, train or bus, bike or carpool to come to Zeebrugge.
  • KEEP THE BEACH CLEAN — return cups and pet bottles to get your deposit back.
  • RECYCLE — if we can do it at home, we can do it on the beach too.
  • USE ASHTRAYS, NOT OUR BEACH — let’s combat our biggest challenge together.
  • TAKE CARE OF EACH OTHER — come talk to us if you see someone who needs (medical) assistance.

Read an overview of our honest path to becoming a more sustainable festival here. It covers everything we did in the past and plan on doing in the future. Let’s strive to leave the beach even cleaner than when our festival started so we can keep welcoming you for future editions.