Thank you!

What a ride it has been, Acid Cowboys. It was hot, we got sweaty and shared some amazing experiences together. Number six was one for the books.

Thank you for dancing your way through the Wild West. Besides cherishing the warm memories, we’re also left with looking forward to our next edition.

Ticket presale is already up and running for next year. In the coming months, we'll have combi tickets available at a lower price with some extras.

From January 2019 on, prices will go up and all ticket types will be available.

SAT 10 & SUN 11 AUGUST 2019

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29/08 - 24/09  •  29/08 - 24/09Combi Group Tickets 4+1
25/09 - 26/10  •  25/09 - 26/10Combi Ticket + €20 W's for free
27/10 - 28/11  •  27/10 - 28/11Combi Ticket + Combi Parking Ticket for free
29/11 - 31/12  •  29/11 - 31/12Combi Ticket + €10 W's for free
01/01  •  01/01Regular Sales


It is no longer possible to request refunds. The online link was closed on August 24th at 9 PM.

For any other question concerning the refunds, please contact cashless@wecandance.be.