INFO — here's what you need to know


    Tickets can be bought 24/7 online through our preferred partner Eventix or – as long as we’re not sold out – at the entrance on our festival days. Besides purchasing your ticket, please make sure to download it to your mobile telephone. Printing your ticket is therefore not necessary, saving trees is!

    If you’ve lost your ticket, didn’t receive the pdf by mail or have any other problem, please contact Eventix:

    Did you purchase EARLY BIRD TICKETS or a GIFTCARD? You can redeem the pdf voucher you received for the DAY / WKND of your choice! Use the code top left of your pdf ticket and enter it in our ticket shop as a discount code. 

    When buying a ticket to WECANDANCE you automatically agree to our general terms and conditions. Tickets cannot be cancelled nor exchanged for another festival day. However, tickets don’t have to be registered in your name, enabling you to buy tickets for yourself and all of your friends.

    Did you buy a ticket for our edition of 2020? We informed you by mail on how to use your tickets for our 2022 edition. Didn’t receive our mail? Please contact


    Available here and on all our digital platforms by the end of July. Head to the line-up to get in the mood.


    Be ready to make all purchases on our beach with your WCD wristband. The use of our own currency – called W’s – ensures quicker payments and faster queueing at our bar and food courts so you can all concentrate on dancing rather than standing in line! Festival-goers can pre-load their wristbands with W’s online or top them up during the festival at the booth.


    We don’t do rules at WECANDANCE, we have expectations. As a festival we expect everyone entering our grounds to respect one another and act supportive. 

    Everyone at WECANDANCE joins us to have the time of their life, enjoying wondrous DJ’s, mouthwatering food, dancing to the sunset and staring at endless sea views. As an organisation of a festival, we do what we do to offer every one of our dancers an experience of freedom. A feeling of relief, bliss and being themselves is irreversibly linked to feeling safe, supported and respected. Festival grounds are there to generate magical memories, nothing more or less. No one has the right to act in a way that influences that feeling of joy for another guest. In the past, for too many, music festivals have become an occasion they’d rather forget and that breaks our hearts. Anyone who crosses a line to anyone else will be handed over to the police for investigation. We don’t do sorry. We ask you to think before you act. And think right. It’s 2022. Time’s up.

    We’re a temporary venue to be rediscovered every year so we understand that victims of harassment or discrimination may not know where to report a crime or access help. All our staff at the first-aid tent (EHBO) and our own employees (at the bar, cleaning up or wandering around enjoying their accomplishments) are trained to act when someone demands help. Feel safe. Feel free. To ask anything you need. This year we’re adding a safe spaces booth where you can ask for information about rights, helplines and how to keep yourself and others safe. All incidents can be reported at EHBO, the WCD staff, bar or safe space booth. Make sure to inform our staff before intervening. 

    Have fun, but act responsibly. Entering our festival grounds means you agree to all of the things above. Thanks for being a part of our community, we love you!

    Need more information, help or have anything to add? Please contact!


    Dear dancers, we are a festival on. the. beach. Everything you throw on the ground might end up in the ocean or worse, around an animals neck. We suppose we don’t need to explain more? Please Google ‘what is plastic doing to turtles’ if you need an eye-opener. We don’t do single-use plastics, no straws or waste ending up in the ocean. Garbage cans are placed all over our beach for you to use (and recycle). Be kind and respect the beach. For those of you who smoke; first it’s bad for your health, second never ever dump your cigarette butts in the sand. Ashtrays are provided at the entrance and on the venue grounds. We want to show respect to the beach and our clean-up team by helping them as much as possible, please do too. Would be fun if they would have more time to dance than clean-up one day! All other terms can be found in our General Agreement and Conditions. 


    Your own material — Simple (digital) cameras and phones with cameras are allowed, professional cameras aren’t. Cameras with an interchangeable lens and larger cameras aren’t allowed on the festival site unless you’re entering the festival as press and requested a photo pass in advance.

    Recording for promo — By entering the festival you give your automatic and explicit approval:
    – to being photographed and filmed,
    – to the organization and its partners to use and broadcast all images and footage for promotional purposes of the festival.

    Recording for safety — Camera surveillance in accordance with the law of 21 March 2007 is used on the festival site. This means that registration and saving of all images and footage by the police and/or organizer will be conducted for the purposes of maintaining and complying with site security.

    More information in our General Terms and Conditions.

  • VIP
    Single VIP tickets for WECANDANCE are not for sale. VIP packages include entry tickets for all guests, parking vouchers and W’s to spend. VIP tables and boxes are limited / day, so make sure to book them in time.

    For more info about all packages or bookings, please contact


    All press requests can be submitted from April until July 31st to

    Please provide us the following information by mail:

    Name of attendees + roles
    Days attending
    Photo pass needed
    Photo imagery or video footage needed
    Content you’d like to publish
    Date of publishing
    Any other specifics or comments


    General inquiries:
    Cashless & Refund:
    VIP :
    Press inquiries:

    Lost & found: please check our FAQs below

address: zeedijk 1, 8380 zeebrugge


    The festival site is easily accessible by train at the “ZEEBRUGGE STRAND” train station. For more info and time schedules, please visit

  • BY BUS

    Together with Partybussen, we offer direct buses to and from the festival. Find the nearest pick-up point and travel safe.

    More info and time schedules:
    Saturday 06.08
    Sunday 07.08
    Saturday 13.08
    Sunday 14.08


    The nearest stop next to the festival site is called “ZEEBRUGGE STRANDWIJK”. For more info and time schedules, please visit 

    We care about safety and comfort, therefore we arranged late-night tram lines to Knokke and Oostende on Saturday and Sunday:

    → DIRECTION KNOKKE: departures at 01:00 / 01:30 / 02:00
    → DIRECTION OOSTENDE: departures at 01:00 / 01:30 / 02:00

  • BY CAR

    Festival Address for GPS: Zeedijk, 8380 Zeebrugge 


    We offer parking opportunities around the festival area. Parking spots are limited, so try to carpool. Follow the right parking signs as soon as you see them. Parking tickets can be found here.

FAQ — feel free to ask any other question through our social media channels or mail

  • Where can we sleep?

    We don’t have a WECANDANCE camping site but would love for you to end a festival day with us in all safety and sleep at one of the local hotels in Zeebrugge, Knokke, Bruges, De Haan or Blankenberge. You can rent a house for yourself and your friends at Holiday Suites Zeebrugge (2.5km) or plan your stay on the Visit Bruges website. Options include  Radisson Blu Bruges (18km), Center Parks De Haan (11km), and Campings such as Bonanza (4.2km) or Dallas (3.6km). Head to or Airbnb for even more options.   

    Travel safe dear dancers — use public transport, take a walk (in group, make sure everyone is and feels safe), book a taxi in advance or try to carpool to your hotel or campsite.  

  • Where’s the afterparty?

    Sorry for the bummer, but there are no official WECANDANCE afterparties. If you’re not ready to go home after the festival, check out the neighbouring clubs. Please remember to stay safe: don’t drink and drive.

  • Can I charge my phone?

    We have charging points on our festival grounds. Head to our ‘PHONE CHARGING’ booth to charge your device’s battery in our safe and secured locked system.

  • Do you provide lockers?

    Yes! We do! Don’t forget to get your stuff before leaving. All items left behind after the festival ends will be gathered and brought to the local police of Zeebrugge with all other lost items. Lodewijk Coiseaukaai 3 — 8000 Brugge (Tel. 050/44.88.44)

  • Do you provide ear protection?

    Take care of your ears! Feel free to bring your own or use the ones we provide – for free – at our bars and helpdesk.

  • What time can I enter the festival?

    Saturday August 6th — 12:00 to 23:00
    Sunday August 7th — 12:00 to 23:00
    Saturday August 13th — 12:00 to 23:00
    Sunday August 14th — 12:00 to 23:00

  • I want to work at WECANDANCE!

    Sounds like a good plan! Make sure to mail and  WECANDANCE has no volunteer program you can join since we’re a commercial company, not a VZW.  

  • Can I bring food or drinks?

    Visitors are not allowed to bring their own food and drinks. There are plenty of food choices at the festival! Vegan, vegetarian and halal dishes are provided at WECANDANCE to make sure everyone’s hunger can be stilled. 

  • What about drugs and alcohol?

    Drugs are in any case forbidden. Anyone caught with illegal drugs will be removed from the festival site immediately. Prescribed medical drugs are allowed. Bringing alcohol onto the festival site is forbidden too. No one under the age of 16 will be permitted to drink alcohol, no one under the age of 18 will be permitted to drink strong liquor.


  • What’s the minimum age to enter WCD?

    The minimum age to attend WECANDANCE is 18 (eighteen). If you’re younger than 18 (eighteen), you will be denied access to the festival, except under the supervision and responsibility of your parent and/or legal guardian with an absolute minimum age of 18 (eighteen). Don’t forget to bring your passport or ID for verification if needed. Children younger -12 (minus twelve) can enter the festival for free under the supervision of a parent and/or legal guardian. 

  • Can I pay cash?

    Tickets and W’s can be bought with cash or by debit card at the top up booths, for safety reasons we advise using debit cards. To avoid queuing, W’s can be bought online in advance of the festival.  

  • Advertising and promo

    Flyers, posters or any other kinds of advertisements are not allowed without the permission of the WECANDANCE organization. For any other questions about advertising or promotion at our festival, please contact and include PROMO INQUIRY as a subject.

  • Disability & access for everyone

    We’re dedicated to making our festival fully accessible for people of all abilities. Visitors who require additional assistance can contact us at We look into every case to see what we can do to get you moving around smoothly so that we can offer everyone a comfortable and unforgettable experience at WECANDANCE.

  • First Aid

    There will be security around and on the festival site. We’ll also have a first-aid postmarked clearly on our festival map published shortly before the festival takes place. In case of emergency, please feel safe to ask for help and follow all instructions the dedicated staff will provide.

  • General safety

    Please read in full here.

    The security of our visitors, artists and entourage, crew and people of Zeebrugge and neighbouring villages is a number one priority to the organization of WECANDANCE. Our security measures were taken in consultation with the police, the emergency services and local government. All visitors can be subject to a full hand search. They are deemed to cooperate and to open their bags spontaneously in order to show the contents to security and crew members responsible for the search. Small backpacks and handbags (max. 45 cm high) will be allowed on site after the search.

    We have set out a clear list covering all items that are forbidden at the festival grounds: Professional photo, video and audio recording equipment, tripods, selfie sticks, drones, food or beverages (alcoholic and non-alcoholic), glass, plastic bottles, cans, beverage boxes, camel bags, drugs (people who have to take medication are advised to bring a medical certificate), fireworks, explosives, torches and any other flammable products, weapons, knives and other sharp items, portable benches or chairs, inflatable items (pools, balls, chairs and sofas…), non-drinkable gels and liquids such as deodorant