INFO — all information to plan your trip to our beach; from respect and public transport to tickets and prohibited items.


    Tickets can be bought 24/7 online through our preferred partner, Eventix,  or – as long as we’re not sold out – at the entrance on our festival days. Besides purchasing your ticket, please make sure to download it to your mobile telephone. Printing your ticket is, therefore, not necessary; saving trees is.

    If you’ve lost your ticket, didn’t receive the pdf by mail or have any other problem, please contact Eventix Ticket Support via the Ticket Support page.

    When buying a ticket to WECANDANCE, you automatically agree to our general terms and conditions and privacy policy. Tickets cannot be cancelled nor exchanged for another festival day.

    In case you can no longer attend the event, we invite you to use our official resale partner TicketSwap to safely resell your ticket.


    Our timetable will be available on our website and all digital platforms by the end of July. Head to the first batch of names on our lineup to get in the mood.


    WECANDANCE takes place on Zeebrugge Beach, only 8km from Knokke and 15km from Bruges.


    GPS ADDRESS: more details soon


    Get home safe, please!

    • Take care of yourself and watch out for each other.
    • Don’t leave anyone behind — stick together.



    For everyone joining us by bike: we have a bike park at your disposal close to our festival entrance; please bring a lock to leave your bike safely. Don’t attach your bike to any public railings, you risk having it removed and we hope you respect our neighbours as much as we do.


    BY TRAIN  

    Our festival site is easily accessible by train; the “ZEEBRUGGE STRANDstation is only a 2min walk to our festival entrance. You can travel from any Belgian station to our beach and even return to Bruges late at night using our first-time-ever-night trains for € 13!

    Night trains are only accessible with a ‘Night Train Ticket’ and travel each Saturday and Sunday of both weekends. Presales start on 19.07; places are limited, so make sure to book your ticket on time. More info on



    The nearest stop next to the festival site is called “ZEEBRUGGE STRANDWIJK“. For more info and time schedules, please visit More info about our extra late-night tram lines is coming soon!


    BY CAR

    We advise you to carpool; the more passengers, the merrier. Don’t drink and drive, and never join a driver who is not sober. Make sure your designated driver is wide awake.

    You can get your parking ticket through our ticket shop, keep an eye on this page and our socials for the correct address later this year.



    A designated taxi, kiss & ride and private hire pickup area will be available at the start and end of WECANDANCE; please follow the signs.


    WECANDANCE is a fully cashless festival! On our beach, you will only be able to use one method of payment: the chip on your wristband. Using our currency- W’s – ensures quicker payments and faster queueing at our bar and food courts so you can all concentrate on dancing rather than standing in line! You can:

    pre-load your wristbands with W’s online

    – top them up during the festival at one of the booths

    – use the QR on the wristband

    Do note that all cups, pets and other single plastics have value this year to prevent anything from ending up on the beach. Exchange your empty cup or pets at the bars to get your deposited money back.


    So, you bought a first wave DAY or WKND ticket(s)? As you might have noticed, these are not entry tickets yet! When you have chosen the day or weekend, you’ll be joining us, please redeem your first wave ticket by using the code top left of your ticket pdf as an action code on our ticket shop and you’ll receive your entry ticket in your inbox. The same flow goes for our gift cards and vouchers.

  • VIP

    Single VIP tickets for WECANDANCE are not for sale. Our VIP tables and boxes this year, ‘Ariel’ and ‘Splash’, include entry tickets for all guests, parking vouchers and W’s to spend. Each zone also offers a VIP food menu for you to enjoy. Our VIP tables and boxes are limited daily, so make sure to book them in time.

    For more info about all packages or bookings, please contact


    As an organization, we do what we do to offer all our visitors an experience that generates the feeling of being free. Freedom is a feeling of relief, bliss and being able to be yourself; these are all irreversibly linked to feeling safe, supported and respected. As part of our festival community, we expect everyone entering our beach to respect one another and act supportive. We don’t do rules at WECANDANCE; we have expectations; read them in full through this link.

    We strive to thoroughly place inclusion, equity and diversity at the heart of everything we do. We seek to represent a balanced and honest reflection of society in selecting our organizing team, bar staff, security, artists, collaborating freelancers and anyone else involved. At WECANDANCE, we aim to make everyone feel welcome, heard and valued.

    Know that help is all around you to use your voice during and after the festival. You can;

    • Talk to our crew
    • Contact us via WhatsApp (operational during the festival)
    • Head to our safe space
    • Look for our EHBO

    All our first-aid tent staff and employees (at the bar, cleaning up or wandering around enjoying their accomplishment) are trained on how to act when someone demands help. We hope you feel safe and free to ask and share anything.

    We do not tolerate sexual, physical, or verbal assault and harassment, discrimination, racism, homophobia, sexism and transphobia. We have a zero-tolerance approach when dealing with these matters.

    — Using alcohol or other substances is never without risk; pay attention to how you feel and know your limits. Reach out if you feel insecure, need help or advice and know that alcohol and drug cause dehydration, so please drink enough water.

    — Enjoy yourself responsibly: always listen to your personal rhythm, and don’t try to keep up with your friends. And always ask for consent; this means an agreement by choice and having the freedom and capacity to make that choice; consent can be revoked at any time.

     — If you need someone who needs (medical) help, please look for support. Make sure to use our free sunscreen, use earplugs where beats are loud and stay hydrated. Check in with each other and yourself regularly to ensure everyone on our beach is having the time of their lives.

    Thanks for being a part of our community; we love you!

    Need more information, help or do you have anything to add? Please contact!


    We kindly ask our visitors, teams, artists and suppliers to help us reach our sustainable goals. And even when it seems super easy and everyone knows the drill, it’s quite the task to be kind to the planet as a festival (on the beach).

    Here are some things you can do as a visitor to help us reach our sustainable goals:

    1. LEAVE NO TRACE — cups and bottles have a value, make sure to return them to get your money back and keep the beach clean.
    2. HELP US RECYCLE — you know the drill, use the correct bin to throw away your trash.
    3. CIGARETTE BUTS — we don’t want to see them in the sand. Your cigarette buts belong in our ashtrays (we upcycle them) or pocket ashtrays (free at the scream shop).
    4. USE PUBLIC TRANSPORT — or try to carpool the more passengers; the merrier!

    Read an overview of our honest path to becomig a more sustainable festival here, it covers all things we did in the past and plan on doing in the future. New techniques arise and cross our path every day towards a greener future for festivals – like us – on the beach. It’s a growing process; it’s more than a lot of work, but most of all: our growth is necessary. We’re in this together for our future and the overall future of festivals. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts (and earth) to generate a positive impact on our beach.

     “We don’t want our love of dancing to come at the cost of the planet any more than it already did.”


    Your own material — Simple (digital) cameras and phones with cameras are allowed on our festival beach; professional cameras aren’t. Cameras with interchangeable lenses and larger cameras aren’t allowed on the festival site unless you enter the festival as press and request a photo pass in advance.

    Recording for promo — By entering the festival, you give your automatic and explicit approval:

    – to being photographed and filmed,

    – to the organization and its partners to use and broadcast all images and footage for promotional purposes of the festival.

    Recording for safety — Camera surveillance in accordance with the law of the 21st of March 2007 is used on the festival site. This means that registration and saving of all images and footage by the police and/or organizer will be conducted to maintain and comply with site security.

    More information is in our General Terms and Conditions.


    We’re celebrating 10 years on Zeebrugge beach in August and won’t let it go unnoticed. For the occasion, we have chosen to organize a festive ode to the underwater world and all things shore in 2023! On Saturday 5, Sunday 6, Saturday 12 and Sunday 13th of August, our boutique festival will give our visitors a sea of possibilities to enjoy our magical festival beach with experiences focusing on music, food & fashion. A theme that brings an ode to the ocean, a surprising lineup and a classy bottle of champagne: read all about it on our LinkedIn.

    More info, photos or interview opportunities —

FAQ — Here's our answers to your most common questions

  • How do I exchange my CHOOSE YOUR DAY/WKND ticket?

    If you’ve bought a CHOOSE YOUR DAY/WKND ticket, you can now use the code top left on your pdf as ‘an action’ in our ticket shop. Choose your date, redeem your voucher as an action code and you will receive your ticket in your inbox to join us on the beach. Please make sure to exchange before 30.05.2023, 12h00 CET. An administration fee of 10€ will be charged if the exchange is made after this day.

  • Where can we sleep?
    We don’t have a WECANDANCE camping site but would love for you to end a festival day with us in all safety and sleep at one of the local hotels in Zeebrugge, Knokke, Bruges, De Haan or Blankenberge. For those who want to book a unique beach holiday trip to WECANDANCE, we advise combining the natural and the urban by booking a local hotel, hostel or B&B in Bruges, only 15 km from our entrance.. And for the first time in 10 years, we have late-night trains from Zeebrugge to Bruges after the festival to make your trip to Bruges safe & smooth!

    Night trains are only accessible with a ‘Night Train Ticket’ and travel each Saturday and Sunday of both weekends. Presales start on 19.07 and places are limited, so make sure to book your ticket on time. More info on

  • When is the last DJ set?

    Music on our stages is played from 12:00 to 01:00.

  • Where's the afterparty?

    Sorry for the bummer, but there are no official WECANDANCE afterparties. If you’re not ready to go home after the festival, check out the neighbouring clubs. Please remember to travel safe anywhere you go, respect our neighbours and keep an eye out for each other.

  • What's the dresscode?

    We get that you ask this question, but we’d like to reassure you that WECANDANCE is not a dresscode required festival. Our theme is an inspiration for us, as a festival, to indulge our atmosphere and decorations. We decorate all stages and experiences in this year’s Sea, Sand & Sun theme to take you on an aquatic beach holiday. We love for you to come as you are and use our theme as an inspiration to feel free to be yourselves unapologetically. Wear that one item you’ve never worn before. Grab that shimmering dress from your parent’s closet: be. you. And feel free!

  • What's a W?

    W’s are our own currency, W’s are only valid during WECANDANCE and are only sold in multiples of € 10. You can ask for a refund or donate your unspent W’s after our second weekend on our website for a limited time.

  • Do you provide lockers?

    Yes, we do! Don’t forget to get your stuff before leaving. All items left behind after the festival ends will be gathered and brought to the local police of Zeebrugge and stored for a limited time.

  • Do you provide ear protection?

    We want you to take care of your ears! Please use earplugs where beats are loud. Ask for our free earplugs – at our bars, safe space, ehbo and helpdeks.

  • What time can I enter the festival?

    Saturday August 5th.     12 PM – 01 AM

    Sunday August 6th      12P M – 01 AM

    Saturday August 12th.     12 PM – 01 AM

    Sunday August 13th      12P M – 01 AM

    Do note that we have an in = in and out = out policy for day tickets.

  • Can I leave the site and come back in?

    We have an in = in, out = out policy for day tickets. There is no re-admission to WECANDANCE after entry only when you bought a WKND or DBL WKND ticket.

  • Disability & access for everyone

    We’re dedicated to making our festival fully accessible for all festival fans, including visitors with special wishes and needs.

    Here’s what we can do to help you have a good time with us;

    • Accessible sanitation, gender-neutral and water flushed
    • A reserved parking and drop off zone
    • Possibility to rent our beach wheelchairs
    • An alternate entrance, if needed
    • Our Safety Ambassadors are responsible for providing support and information on-site.


    Do note that WECANDANCE is a festival on the beach, so it will never be 100% accessible. Visitors who require additional assistance can contact us at, please indicate which facilities you wish to use. We look into every case to see what we can do to get you moving around smoothly to offer everyone a comfortable and unforgettable experience at WECANDANCE!

    Or are you looking for someone to enjoy the festival with you? You might find a festival buddy at De Genereuze Festivals.

  • Can I bring food and drinks?

    There are plenty of food choices at the festival! Vegan, vegetarian and halal dishes are provided at WECANDANCE to make sure everyone’s hunger can be stilled. As a visitor you are not allowed to bring their own food and drinks.

  • What's a cup value?

    Cups and bottles have value to prevent anything from ending up on the beach. You can exchange them at the bars when empty, to get your deposited money back.

  • Can I bring drugs and alcohol?

    Drugs are in any case forbidden, anyone caught with illegal drugs will be removed from our festival site immediately, and only prescribed medical drugs are allowed. Bringing alcohol onto the festival site is forbidden too. No one under the age of 16 will be permitted to drink alcohol, and no one under the age of 18 will be permitted to drink strong liquor.

  • What's the minimum age?

    The minimum age to attend WECANDANCE is 18. Anyone under 18 must be accompanied under the supervision and responsibility of a parent and/or legal guardian with an absolute minimum age of 18. Don’t forget to bring your passport or ID for verification if needed. Children younger –12 can enter the festival for free under the supervision of a parent and/or legal guardian. Full Terms & Conditions can be found here.

  • Advertising and promo

    Flyers, posters or any other kinds of advertisements are not allowed without our permission. For any other questions about advertising or promotion on our beach, please contact and include PROMO INQUIRY as a subject.

  • I want to work at #WECANDANCE23

    Sounds like a good plan! Make sure to mail your details to

    WECANDANCE has no volunteer program you can join since we’re a commercial company, not a VZW.

  • General Safety

    General safety

    Please read it in full here.

    The security of our visitors, artists and entourage, crew and people of Zeebrugge and neighbouring villages is a number one priority to the organization of WECANDANCE. Our security measures were taken in consultation with the police, the emergency services and the local government. All visitors can be subject to a full hand search. They are deemed to cooperate and open their bags spontaneously in order to show the contents to security and crew members responsible for the search. Small backpacks and handbags (max. 45 cm high) will be allowed on site after the search.

    We have set out a clear list covering all items that are forbidden at the festival grounds: Professional photo, video and audio recording equipment, tripods, selfie sticks, drones, food or beverages (alcoholic and non-alcoholic), glass, plastic bottles, cans, beverage boxes, camel bags, drugs (people who have to take medication are advised to bring a medical certificate), fireworks, explosives, torches and any other flammable products, weapons, knives and other sharp items, portable benches or chairs, inflatable items (pools, balls, chairs and sofas…), non-drinkable gels and liquids such as deodorant.