INFO — here's what you need to know

  • THEME 2023

    Dearest dancer, please hold on to your excitement a little longer, we can’t wait to tell you all we have in store for you at #WECANDANCE23! When following our digital channels you’ll be the first to know all about our theme. Let’s say, somewhere in Spring 2023?


    The WECANDANCE digital gift cards are back starting from 25€. Our gift cards are delivered instantly, no shipping is required. Gift a summer beach trip with the WECANDANCE digital gift card, get yours here


    We’re kicking off our 10 YEAR ANNIVERSARY season with a classy bottle of champagne and the first wave of low-priced tickets! Read all about it on our LinkedIn.

    More info, photos or interview opportunities —


    Your own material — Simple (digital) cameras and phones with cameras are allowed on our festival beach, professional cameras aren’t. Cameras with an interchangeable lens and larger cameras aren’t allowed on the festival site unless you’re entering the festival as press and requested a photo pass in advance.

    Recording for promo — By entering the festival you give your automatic and explicit approval:
    – to being photographed and filmed,
    – to the organization and its partners to use and broadcast all images and footage for promotional purposes of the festival.

    Recording for safety — Camera surveillance in accordance with the law of 21 March 2007 is used on the festival site. This means that registration and saving of all images and footage by the police and/or organizer will be conducted for the purposes of maintaining and complying with site security.

    More information in our General Terms and Conditions.


    General inquiries —
    Tickets —
    Cashless & Refund —
    VIP —

    Lost & found —After 15.08.2022 all lost and found items will be stored at our local police station, see above.

FAQ — feel free to ask any other question through our social media channels or mail

  • Internship
    For our Season 2023 we are looking for kickass interns in:
    — communication
    — graphic design
    to join our WECANDANCE team in Antwerp.
    Come hang out with us: send your resume / portfolio and motivation to
    Internship period: January — August 2023 with a minimum of 2 months.
  • I want to work at #WECANDANCE23

    Sounds like a good plan! Make sure to mail your details to

    WECANDANCE has no volunteer program you can join since we’re a commercial company, not a VZW.

  • Advertising and promo

    Flyers, posters or any other kinds of advertisements are not allowed without the permission of the WECANDANCE organization. For any other questions about advertising or promotion at our festival, please contact and include PROMO INQUIRY as a subject.

  • Disability & access for everyone

    We’re dedicated to making our festival fully accessible for all festival fans including visitors with special wishes and needs.  

     What do we take care of? 

    • Accessible sanitation, gender neutral and water flushed 
    • A reserved parking zone and Kiss & Ride 
    • Possibility to rent our beach wheelchairs 
    • An alternate entrance if needed 
    • Our Safety Ambassadors are responsible for providing support and information on site.  


    Do note that WECANDANCE is a festival on the beach, so will never be 100% accessible. Visitors who require additional assistance can contact us at and indicate which facilities you wish to use. We look into every case to see what we can do to get you moving around smoothly so that we can offer everyone a comfortable and unforgettable experience at WECANDANCE.  

  • General safety

    Please read in full here.

    The security of our visitors, artists and entourage, crew and people of Zeebrugge and neighbouring villages is a number one priority to the organization of WECANDANCE. Our security measures were taken in consultation with the police, the emergency services and local government. All visitors can be subject to a full hand search. They are deemed to cooperate and to open their bags spontaneously in order to show the contents to security and crew members responsible for the search. Small backpacks and handbags (max. 45 cm high) will be allowed on site after the search.

    We have set out a clear list covering all items that are forbidden at the festival grounds: Professional photo, video and audio recording equipment, tripods, selfie sticks, drones, food or beverages (alcoholic and non-alcoholic), glass, plastic bottles, cans, beverage boxes, camel bags, drugs (people who have to take medication are advised to bring a medical certificate), fireworks, explosives, torches and any other flammable products, weapons, knives and other sharp items, portable benches or chairs, inflatable items (pools, balls, chairs and sofas…), non-drinkable gels and liquids such as deodorant