3 — 04 & 10 — 11.08.24

Come dance with us         Tickets


3 — 04 & 10 — 11.08.24

Come dance with us         Tickets


WECANDANCE at Zeebrugge beach is more than a music festival — it’s a full experience focusing on COMMUNITY, DESIGN, and IMPACT with 6 stages, 2 weekends, 4 sunsets, 150+ artists, epic festival food & an occasion to dress your best.

Annually transformed, the festival is a surprising holiday highlight for many at the Belgian seaside. #WECANDANCE24, on 03 — 04 & 10 — 11.08.24, promises two back-to-back weekends of high-energy day and nighttime clubbing on the beach.


As a festival, WECANDANCE is mindful of its impact on society, the environment, and individuals. We are dedicated to growing green through making eco-supportive decisions such as waste reduction programs and supporting local suppliers. We strive to host mesmerizing experiences focusing on safety, support, and inclusion. We want all visitors to feel comfortable when joining us on the beach, please take care of yourself and our beach and look out for each other.


To us, design is a blend of art, fashion, storytelling and self-expression. Through our annually reinvented stage setups and unique art installations, either crafted in-house or in collaboration with young artists, our beach becomes a dynamic space to rediscover each edition. Thanks to the annual theme, we fully re-imagine, re-sketch and reconstruct our festival beach area, creating an immersive experience that encourages our visitors to boldly express their personal creative interpretations, immersing themselves fully in our transformative journey.


With our eclectic lineup, showcasing a diverse mix of electronic music genres alongside hip hop and downtempo, our goal is to host a welcoming ambience for everyone. To extend our welcome beyond music communities, we are dedicated to our annual theme that encourages everyone to freely express themselves and become part of the yearly collective experience. Additionally, we strive to meet preferences by providing a diverse, high-quality and regional menu that caters to all varied tastes and dietary needs.