3 — 04 & 10 — 11.08.24

Come dance with us         Tickets


3 — 04 & 10 — 11.08.24

Come dance with us         Tickets

Terms & Conditions


If you’ve lost your ticket, didn’t receive it or have any other problem, please contact Eventix. Visit their website for more information. You can buy your tickets online or at the entrance of the festival as long as we’re not sold out. Buying tickets means you agree to our general terms and conditions. Tickets cannot be cancelled nor exchanged for another day. Printing your ticket is not necessary. Show it on your mobile phone and save some trees.

If you haven’t found the answer you’re looking for, please contact info@wecandance.be for questions.


  1. Agreement: the agreement between the Customer and the Festival Organiser for the purchase of Festival Products and/or Services. This Agreement consists of these Conditions, the purchase confirmation and any other provisions attached to or referred to in these Conditions.
  2. Conditions the present general terms and conditions, including any annexes
  3. Cashless System: the online account that the Customer may create via its WECANDANCE account with the relevant provider for the purchase of an amount to the WECANDANCE bracelet
  4. Consumer: the natural person not acting in the course of his or her commercial, business, craft or personal activity
  5. Customer, You, Buyer: means the consumer, legal entity or de facto association that enters into the Agreement for the purchase of the Festival Products and/or Services as provided herein.
  6. Festival: the 2024 edition of the electronic dance festival ‘WECANDANCE’, taking place at (Zeedijk 1, Zeebrugge), from 3 – 4 August 2024 and 10 – 11 August 2024.
  7. Festival Organiser: WECANDANCE BV, with registered office at 2000 Antwerp, Verlatstraat 36, bus 302 and company number BE0834.429.929, the organiser and producer of the Festival
  8. Festival Products and/or Services: means the products and/or services relating to the Festival, as offered to and purchased by the Customer through the Official Sales Channels
  9. Festival Site: Zeedijk 1, Zeebrugge
  10. Force Majeure: Any of the following circumstances which render the performance of obligations (other than payment obligations) under the Agreement and/or the Festival impossible, impracticable or unsafe: natural disaster, unavoidable accident, fire, strike or other industrial action, war or threat of war, act of hostility towards the state, act of terrorism or threat thereof, riot or civil commotion, national emergency, promulgation, rule, order or act of any government or instrument of government, failure of technical facilities, epidemic (including a health epidemic), pandemic (including a health pandemic), interruption or significant delay or failure of technical facilities, or failure or significant delay of necessary transport services, or any other event or circumstance beyond the reasonable control of the Parties, as applicable. Adverse weather conditions shall in principle not be considered a Force Majeure event, provided, however, that if such weather conditions are severe or threatening enough for a declaration by applicable governmental authorities that the conditions threaten public safety, such weather conditions shall be considered a Force Majeure event hereunder.
  11. Official Ticket Distributor: Eventix BV



  1. The Conditions form an integral part of the agreement that is concluded as a result of the purchase of one or more festival tickets and/or entering the Festival Site. The Buyer is requested to accept these general terms and conditions during the purchase process. You can always consult the Conditions at www.wecandance.be or on request at info@wecandance.be.
  1. The festival tickets are in the name of the Buyer. Tickets don’t have to be purchased in your name. You can buy tickets for you and your friends. The tickets need to be personalized after they have been purchased. Without prejudice to the application of articles 3, 4, and 5, when purchasing a ticket for a third party, this third party shall be considered to have accepted these Conditions, which the Buyer guarantees.



2.1. Tickets can only be purchased through the official website or the website of the Official Ticket Distributor.Tickets purchased in any other way (i.e. via another channel or via avoidance, in any way whatsoever, of the official procedure providing access to the ticket shop) can be cancelled at the expense of the Buyer. It is therefore strongly advised to never purchase a festival ticket on the street.

2.2. The Festival Organiser reserves the right to prosecute any holder of a forged ticket or bracelet and any person who fails to comply with these Conditions.


3.1. It is not permitted to resell or exchange festival tickets or bracelets. It is only permitted to exchange tickets via the official exchange desk of the organization (if available). The Festival Organiser and/or the official ticket distributor also reserve(s) the right to cancel festival tickets in case it is established that these tickets are offered for sale or were fraudulently purchased despite this being prohibited. The costs resulting from the cancellation shall be borne by the seller and the purchaser, respectively.

3.2. Forgery of the festival ticket or bracelet will be subject to legal prosecution. With regard to this provision, the Festival Organiser and/or the official ticket distributor reserve the right to verify the identity of the festival visitor through his/her identification document (cfr. art. 9).

3.3. Changes in the line-up will not result in a full or even partial refund of the ticket for the festival.


4.1. Festival tickets or bracelets cannot be used for commercial or promotional purposes without the permission of the Festival Organiser, nor may the name of the Festival be used for such purposes. In the event of such an action or use of the Festival name for commercial purposes, both the Buyer of the respective tickets and the organiser of the prohibited action will have to pay compensation amounting to at least EUR 15,000.00. The latter amount does not prejudice the right of the Festival Organization to seek compensation for the actual damage suffered and/or the immediate suspension of the prohibited actions.



5.1. All festival bracelets will be submitted on location in return for a valid entry ticket or purchased ticket at the box office. Exchanging or upgrading a ticket type is not possible after having completed the personalization process.


6.1. Each person moving towards the entrance of the festival must hold a valid festival bracelet registered in the name of the purchaser or a special access voucher granted by the Festival Organiser. One festival bracelet is only valid for access of one single person on the day or days for which the ticket was purchased or as detailed on the special access voucher.

6.2. In order to access the Festival Site, you must be aged 18 (eighteen) or older. If you are younger than 18 (eighteen), you will be denied access to the Festival, except under the supervision and responsibility of your parent and/or legal guardian who has an absolute minimum age of 18 (eighteen). A guardian is only allowed to supervise a maximum of 2 minors.

6.3. We maintain an IN = IN, OUT = OUT policy for day tickets. It is not allowed to leave and re-enter the festival site on the same day by using your festival bracelet. Exceptional re-entry for day ticket holders is only possible after approval from the organization.


7.1. The Festival Organiser and/or the Official Ticket Distributor retain(s) the right to verify the identity of the festival visitor when entering the festival. You must therefore be in possession of a valid identification document. In case of non-compliance, you may be denied access to the Festival without the right to replacement of the ticket, refund of the purchase price of the ticket or any other form of compensation.

A valid identification document (i.e. proof of identity) is only understood to mean: a valid identity card, a valid passport or a valid driving license. Copies will not be accepted.


8.1. Each person holding a valid festival ticket or valid special access voucher must have validated his/her personal bracelet or access voucher in order to have access to the Festival Site.

8.2. Entry of festival implies acceptance of all prevention and control measures taken by the Festival Organiser or its security team, including the search of persons and bags/belongings. Anyone wishing to enter the festival may be searched by authorized security personnel before gaining access to the festival, in accordance with applicable laws and regulations.

Security has the right to ask the ticket holder of the same gender to scan and/or search clothes and luggage for the purpose of intercepting prohibited objects (cfr. art. 10). Upon finding such objects, security has the right to confiscate them. If You refuse the search and/or scan by the security personnel, you may be denied access to the festival without the right to replacement of the ticket, refund of the purchase price of the ticket or any other form of compensation.


9.1. Access to the Festival is also forbidden and/or can be denied to the Customer if:

You are under the influence of alcohol and/or drugs;

You are in the possession of drugs or dealing drugs;

You are in the possession of prohibited objects (cfr. art. 10);

You refuse to be searched by authorized security personnel;

You refuse to comply with these Conditions;

You have already been denied access in the past to other events organized by the Festival Organiser or associated companies;

• You show clear behaviour with the intent of disrupting public peace or provoking by inciting violence, hatred, aggression etc.;

In all of the above cases, there will be no right to replacement of the ticket, refund of the purchase price of the ticket or any other form of compensation.



Following objects are prohibited at the festival grounds:

• cosmetic products (sun cream, perfume, etc.) in packaging with a volume of more than 100 ml,

• aerosols (deodorants, etc.), irrespective of the package size,

• own beverages or food,

• pyro-technical objects (Bengal fire, fireworks, torches, etc.),

• clothing, banners and/or other items with discriminatory and/or provocative texts and/or expressions which can be used as means to disturb the public peace, endanger the safety of the crowd and/or damage/hurt people and/or goods,

• glass items,

• any other item (umbrella, sunscreen, drones, tripod for camera (film), laser pens, etc.) that is considered dangerous by the security staff for other festival visitors,

Drugs or other illegal mind-altering substances,

Other weapons or sharp, pointed objects,


Animals (except licensed guide dogs),

As an exception to the above list of prohibited objects, the following objects shall be permitted:

• cosmetic products (sun cream, perfume, etc.) in packaging (no aerosols) with a maximum volume of 100 ml,

• deodorant in roll-on sticks,

• refreshing water in spray,

• disposable single-use or pocket photo cameras,

• retractable umbrellas without top pin (no parasols),

• plastic,

• blankets to sit/lie on,

• small rucksacks and other bags,

• selfie-sticks are permitted if their length in extended position does not exceed 1 meter and if they have been exclusively designed for photography purposes.

• Medication that You need to take due to health reasons, accompanied with necessary doctor’s statement or medical package leaflet.



13.1. It’s forbidden to enter the Festival Site with a vehicle without an official sticker (provided by the Festival Organiser). In case of violation of this provision, your car/vehicle will be towed away at your own expense.


12.1. At the Festival Site, it is prohibited to:

• enter areas You don’t have access to on the basis of the ticket you have purchased (backstage area, press area etc.);

• climb on tents, constructions, gates, light bridges, seating areas or any other constructions on the site;

• block entrances, exits and emergency exits;

• disguise for the purpose of not being recognizable and disrupting the public peace and/or endangering the safety of others;

• sell food, beverages or any other product without the explicit permission of the Festival Organiser;

• throw or shoot with objects in solid, fluid or gas form;

• make fires;

• any action which can cause any danger or hindrance to the festival visitors.

12.2. Failing to comply with the above prohibitions may result in removal from the Festival Site and further access to the Festival may be denied to you without the right to replacement of the ticket, refund of the purchase price of the ticket or any other form of compensation.


13.1. Customers must always comply with the instructions provided by the Festival Organiser or the designated/authorized person on the Festival Site. The Customer agrees to comply with the instructions given by the Festival Organiser for the purposes of ensuring public peace and safety during the festival. Non-compliance with these instructions may result in removal from the Festival Site and further access to the Festival may be denied to you without the right to replacement of the ticket, refund of the purchase price of the ticket or any other form of compensation.


14.1. The festival site we use is a natural conservation area. We, therefore, ask all our visitors to contribute to keeping the site as clean as possible. The festival site offers a sufficient number of areas where you can dispose of your waste. You are requested to use these facilities.

14.2. The use of toilets and refreshment points is free at the festivals. It is strictly forbidden to urinate in public. Urinating in public may result in removal from the festival site and further access may be denied to you without the right to replacement of the ticket, refund of the purchase price of the ticket or any other form of compensation.


15.1. It is forbidden to distribute flyers or any other promotional items or to put up posters during the Festival or in the vicinity. If you wish to promote another event, please consult with the Festival Organiser in advance in order to obtain its written permission to do so.


16.1. There is an absolute zero-tolerance policy on drugs. It is forbidden to use, deal and/or possess drugs at the Festival. If found in any of the cases above, you will be removed from the Festival Site and further access to the Festival Site will be denied without the right to replacement of the ticket, refund of the purchase price of the ticket or any other form of compensation. This policy is strictly enforced and, in any event, means that the case will be handed over to the police. This will be strictly monitored.  Before entering the Festival Site, you can dispose of any drugs in the designated drug containers without this having any consequences.


17.1. The official sale of T-shirts, merchandising, other clothing and/or souvenirs related to the Festival is only permitted within the Festival Site with explicit prior written permission of the Festival Organiser.


18.1. Crowd surfing is explicitly forbidden. Non-compliance with this measure will inevitably result in removal from the Festival Site and further access to the site will be denied without the right to replacement of the ticket, refund of the purchase price of the ticket or any other form of compensation.


19.1 The Festival takes specific measures to be sustainable and ecological with specific respect for the beach, therefore it is not allowed for Customers of the Festival to smoke in places where smoking is prohibited.

19.2. Customers are not allowed to dispose cigarettes in the sand of the Festival or the ground and need to be disposed in the specific waste bins for cigarettes or pocket ashtrays.



20.1. On the Festival Site, attractions may be made available to the festival visitors.

Customers can only make use of these if they (a) are in good health and do not have any physical complaints that may affect their stress and heights tolerance, (b) are not under the influence of alcohol, drugs, medicines and/or other related substances and (c) have no fear of heights.

Customers must at all times sit still in their designated seat for the duration of the attraction (ride) while being constantly secured by the provided protection. It is forbidden to throw objects out of the attraction, to smoke, to eat and drink for the duration of the attraction (ride).

20.2. In case of abuse, deception and/or fraud, the Festival Organiser reserves the right to exclude the Customer from the attraction during the further course of the Festival.

20.3. Using any attraction provided by the Festival Organiser shall be the full responsibility of the Customer, with application of the limitation of liability as provided in articles 23 and 24 applies.



21.1. The Festival Organiser shall only be liable for damage directly and exclusively resulting from an error by the Festival Organiser. Excluded from compensation are (i) damages and losses caused by force majeure, (ii) consequential damages and (iii) damages caused by misconduct, recklessness or serious fault by the damaged party.

21.2. The Festival Organiser is not liable for damages, theft or any accidents to vehicles or persons in the festival’s car parks. Such car parks are always used at your own risk.

21.3. The Festival Organiser may only cancel or postpone the Festival in case of Force Majeure or if the Festival Organiser has another demonstrable compelling reason to cancel or postpone the Festival. You shall in such case be entitled to compensation in respect of the purchased Festival Products and/or Services in accordance with applicable law, but shall not be entitled to compensation for any other damages (direct or indirect).

21.4. The Festival Organiser may be forced to close stages due to weather conditions or other force majeure events. This will not result in a partial or full refund.23.6. The Festival Organiser may be forced due to security reasons to temporarily keep Customers on the Festival Site, oblige Customers to (temporarily) leave the Festival Site or deny Customers (temporarily) access to the Festival Site. This will not result in a partial or full refund.


22.1. The Festival Organiser cannot be held responsible for any damages (including, but not limited to, physical damage), loss or theft, nor for any accident whatsoever.

22.2. In case of loss, theft or damage of the entry ticket, the festival bracelet or the special entry voucher, there will be no right to replacement of the ticket, refund of the purchase price of the ticket or any other form of compensation. The same applies to the RFID chip on your festival bracelet, which could contain a cash balance.


23.1 Parking is available near the Festival Site. During the ticket sale, you can also buy a parking ticket that allows you to park in any of the car parks. It is not possible to reserve a specific car park or parking space. After payment, you will receive a voucher that you can use to park your car. It is also possible to use parking without a voucher against cash payment.

The Customer expressly agrees to indemnify the Festival Organiser against any liability for damages caused to, theft of or other accidents involving vehicles or persons in the official parking lots of the Festival.


24.1. Any disputes must be notified to the Festival Organiser by registered letter within 8 (eight) days after the arising of any complaint at the office of the Festival Organiser.

24.2. These Conditions (and any disputes arising thereof) are exclusively governed by Belgian law.  All disputes shall be settled by the competent court in Antwerp, to the exclusion of all other courts. However, the Festival Organiser reserves the right to file a claim with the court that would be competent under the legal jurisdiction rules.

24.3. If any provision of these Conditions, or any part thereof, is or is declared invalid or unenforceable, the remaining provisions of these Conditions or the remainder of that provision shall remain in full force and effect and such provision shall be automatically replaced (by operation of law) by a valid provision that is as close as possible to the invalid provision.



25.1. Within the framework of its activities, the Festival Organiser processes the personal data of festival Customers. By entering into a contract with the Festival Organiser (through the purchase of the festival ticket) and visiting the Festival, the festival visitor agrees to this. Personal data will be processed by the Festival Organiser in accordance with its Privacy Policy, which will be communicated when ordering the ticket. This Privacy Policy is also available at all times on the website (https://wecandance.be/privacy/) and can also be requested from the Festvial Organiser at info@wecandance.be.


26.1. Festival Customers at the festival may be photographed and/or filmed. The festival visitors waive their portrait rights as soon as they enter the festival grounds. This means that images with the portrait of the visitors can be used for promotional and commercial purposes and/or for security reasons. The above also applies to audio recordings.

26.2. Images made by festival visitors on the festival grounds, on the other hand, cannot be used for commercial or public purposes without the prior written consent of the Festival Organiser.



27.1. By accepting these Conditions, the Customer accepts the used cashless system on the festival site for money transactions on-site. This system means that you load credits via your festival bracelet at the ‘stations’ provided on the grounds

27.2. The Festival Organiser cannot be held liable if the cashless system does not operate, does not operate without defects or operates only partially during the Festival. In such a case, the Festival Organiser shall provide a back-up scenario for Festival Visitors, for example by providing payment tokens.

27.3. All disputes relating to the Cashless System transactions must be reported immediately to the helpdesk or info@wecandance.be . Festival Customers are requested to attach the necessary supporting documentation when communicating with the Festival Organiser.

27.4. The Festival Organiser cannot be held liable for theft or loss of the Festival bracelet.

27.5. Credit balances that are still on your Festival bracelet after the end of the festival can be recovered via the refund system. The refund can be requested starting August 15th at 08:00 via the online link on the website of the festival. This link will then remain available for 10 days. After these 10 days, no refunds are possible under any circumstances. The credit will be refunded after 10 working days following the closure of the aforementioned link.

In the following cases there will be no refund of the credit via the refund system:

• if the balance is less than one unit of the currency used;

• in case of free credit, whereby the Festival Organiser uses the free credit last (i.e. after the paid credit);

• credit that is part of a VIP formula.

• Your cup, can or PET bottle .

27.6. The Festival Organiser’s cashless payment system is offered to the Customer with support of the following third-party service provider: Playpass.



28.1. The Festival Organiser makes extra efforts to make the Festival accessible to people with disabilities. The Festival Organiser pays attention to the accessibility of the festival site and its surroundings.