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WECANDANCE is an annual summer festival that takes place on the beach in Zeebrugge. The festival owes its unique boutique identity to a mix of music, food and fashion, three cornerstones that are put forth towards a new theme for every edition.

WECANDANCE offers an array of musical styles ranging from the familiar to the more experimental. By programming lesser-known artists representing upcoming genres we express our openness towards the future and by acknowledging new emerging communities we welcome their creative contribution. Our big focus on home-grown talent provides the festival with an accessibility that balances out the overall line-up.


At WECANDANCE food is considered an equally important cornerstone next to music and fashion. We love to break the rules when it comes to serving non-traditional festival food. In order to constantly challenge ourselves and keep our guests astonished we will proudly present a redefined culinary experience at #WECANDANCE21!


WECANDANCE is about indulging in the potential of the unconventional and this includes interesting or even unexpected collaborations. Fashion is about self-expression, which is why it is part of our DNA as our third cornerstone. We take our visitors on a three-day journey and encourage them to showcase their unique style on the beach.