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Welcome to our Glitter Beach Camp! We can’t wait to steer you through the multitude of music genres WECANDANCE has to offer. It’s YOUR TIME TO SHINE on our three-day journey on the beach. Indulge in our glitter mania with six stages and more than 80 artists exploring hip hop, techno, house & disco, minimal, all-round, dessert house and live music. It’s YOUR TIME TO SHINE on our three-day journey on the beach.


At WECANDANCE food is considered an equally important cornerstone next to music and fashion.
 It’s in our DNA to break the rules when it comes to serving non-traditional festival food. In order to constantly challenge ourselves and keep our guest astonished we proudly present our redefined culinary experience at #WECANDANCE20!

FoodFest is delighted to invite you to the new ‘Sergio Herman and Syrco Bakker for FoodFest’ zone! Multiple Michelin Star chefs Sergio Herman and Syrco Bakker will serve ten ‘street food style’ dishes inspired by renowned restaurants Pure C**, Le Pristine, Blueness and AIRrepublic*. As a result of the big success of TV format “Van De Kaart”, Sergio Herman created six dishes for FoodFest honouring his travels. He invites all viewers to taste his international required knowledge and new discovered flavours at WECANDANCE 2020! None other than mixologist Paul Morel will serve some mouth-watering cocktails to pair with those dishes.

Sergio Herman will curate our wondrous Food Market! Bringing you international inspired dishes with local products and fine fast-food including vegetarian and plant-based options.


Seek for golden glamour dresses and jumpsuits. Pop some eye-catching colors such as magenta or lime green. Think about lilac flared pants, silver fringes and sequin skirts. #WECANDANCE20 wants to inspire you to shed a light on your own uniqueness in every. way. possible! We invite you to show your inner sparkle! And remember, don't overthink your outfit. WECANDANCE is not a dress-code event as we cherish authenticity. In other words: come as you are because it’s your time to shine!

Take a peek on our Pinterest page for some Glitter Beach Camp creativity.